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February Photo Competition- Entries

Discussion in 'Monthly Photo Competition' started by goz, Feb 6, 2010.

  1. Caz V1 missing in action...

    Going to be a short month so make it a good 1

    Only 1 photo per post, dosnt have to be about bikes but nicer if it is :)

  2. well I guess someone has to post the first one so here goes...

    Taken this morning near the top of Mt Hotham as me and a mate were on our way back home... just don't ask about what happened 5 mins after it was taken lol

  3. Captured this one down tassie on the bothwell to lakes road. cheers.

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  4. so what happened 5 minutes after u took that photo?
  5. just a simple 1, took this at the hang-gliders take off area at Mt Tamborine

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  6. At the carwash, tried my hand at some cellshading...

  7. Just before I crashed with a cold beer at Pretty Pine.
  8. Geehi rest area Alpine Way on route to Jindabyne for the night

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  9. A photo that tells a thousand stories ! :)

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  10. All we need is Alf Stewart in the background and we could call in Summer Bay
  11. [​IMG]

    Friday !................... a day for tight lines and clean corners
  12. Unknown CBR rider on the Springwood Road Hillclimb, a week or two ago.
  13. wow, i just looked through your album, some of those pics are amazing, I would love to go and do a trip up through those areas like you did, maybe one day i will get the chance, actually i would just love to go back to india for more of a look around
  14. Just count me on this.. Really like it..
  15. Thanks trstarossa I been wanton to get some pic's up there for ages but never had the chance, I love bein up there wen the sun comes up ats a god dam beautifully sight.....
  16. Outside Healesville.

  17. what Camera you using there if you dont mind me asking Luke?
    thats gorgeous pic you have taken.
  18. Awesome shots Piers.

  19. Taken in Maleny looking toward the glasshouse mountains