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February Photo Competition- Entries

Discussion in 'Monthly Photo Competition' started by Caz V1, Feb 5, 2009.

  1. :grin:

  2. Here's my bike at Kingston SE in SA.

  3. just picked the bike up from a service, went out for a ride and got these on the phone



    my nomination is for the first one
  4. Thought i might post a few from time to time :wink:


    Cheers, ratty

  5. on the GOR . . .

  6. Yep, just up the road from the BIG GOR sign, before you get into the fun bits of the road heading to Lorne :grin:

    I miss living in Geelong :(

    Cheers, ratty
  7. Some nice pics already good to see i will try to get my pic up here soon just having trouble with the dam net!! dont you just love computers...lol
  8. [​IMG]
    In the desert next to an apparent Lake...... :LOL: [/img]
  9. Magnificent shot there Jay where was that?
  10. Looks like over near Mildura, but up in NSW ......... could be Lake Mungo.

    Great place to take dirtbikes, if that's where it is............

    P.S. You should have gotten LIL to stand a bit to the right , so we can see the name on the sign :wink:

    Great shot J, well done, love it :cool:

    Cheers, ratty
  11. i believe it was lake mungo they were heading too, so it was that area :)
  12. Here's my bike at Green point in back of the Brighton Beach Gardens in Melbourne

  13. Yeah it was up in Mungo.....Lake arumpo.
    Wasnt trying to take a good pic, just photo graphing the expanse of nothing.

    Everyone though it was funny with a P plate on the back......I said it was for PRICK not probationary......lol :LOL:

    I dont know how to resize (im on a mac) linked from photobucket. Anyone know how big the image I posted is and how to resize it... :?:
  14. i think its a good pic. because its such a manly set up bike in knarly conditions ... with a pony tale and P plate :cool:

    edit: btw love the setup. paniers and topbox look great
  15. Here's a couple of my favourite photos from our trip late last year (apologies if you've already seen them).

    This first one is along the same lines as Stookie's photo. This was on our side trip to Silverton when we stopped for a few days rest in Broken Hill. I reckon photos like these are great because they show the promise of what's to come along the road, being the unknown I guess.


    This one I just find interesting - it was on the way up to the observatory at Coonabarabran:

  16. [​IMG]

    This is one of my all time favorites - Sorry, no bike in the pic but a very popular riding stop in the goold old USA. Ahhhh the memories.
  17. Top shot..you have my vote.
  18. Just me at the Creek!!!

  19. my precious lil' 250 at the top of Mt Sugaloaf.


    anyone know how to photoshop the power lines out?
  20. Something more like this? ...