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[Feb 8, 2015] Kangaroo Valley (NSW)

Discussion in 'NSW' started by Senator17, Feb 5, 2015.

Kangaroo Valley
Start Date: Feb 8, 2015 09:00
End Date: Feb 8, 2015 16:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +11:00 AEDT

The Friendly Inn
Kangaroo Valley

Posted By: Senator17

Confirmed Attendees: 1
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  1. Meet me at McDonalds Heathcote at 8:30 AM for Coffee and a bite before heading through National Park, Albion park, Robertson and on to Kangaroo Valley for Lunch at the Friendly Inn

  2. Watch out for extra police presence in this area this weekend (see article HERE)
  3. Thanks Jalal, I'm well aware of that.
  4. Good. Just in case those joining you are not aware ;)
  5. Are you joining me? At this stage I only have one person joining me for the ride.
  6. Nope sorry Bill, I am tentatively booked for a ride to Patonga Beach (which is also part of the Police Blitz). check the NSW Riders for details
  7. Hope you ended up having a great ride - I imagine it was a little bit warmer than Saturday though :happy:
  8. It just amazes me how hard it seems to get people, esp noobs to go for a day ride these days. Myself and a couple of others run what was Sydney's biggest bike forum, and in the past (4-5 years back) we could get at least 4-10 riders for every ride no problem at all.
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  9. I think "Operation Saturation" scared a lot of riders off riding this weekend. We heard comments about it all day, every time we stopped and chatted with other riders. Don't know if the operation was a success though. From my perspective. I saw two cop cars all day. One on Heathcote Rd in Moorebank heading towards Liverpool. The other was in the car park of Maccas at Heathcote. But I did see two idiot riders overtaking on double lines, one bike was two up and almost got squished by oncoming traffic. Also saw lots of cars cross double lines as the cut tight corners. If you cut corners, you don't know how to drive properly because you have turned in too early. There is never a need to cross double lines unless the road has collapsed or is partly of fully blocked by something.
  10. I rode from Liverpool out to Oakdale, then Barkers lodge road out to Picton then the old Hume why out to Mittagong, continued into KV back up to robertson then up further to the Nasho and home and did not see a single cop all day Saturday so if there was some kind of saturation on it certainly wasn't in any of the areas it was supposed to be, unless they were targeting the major highways Princes, Hume, M1 great western etc.

    For some i expect that a day ride would impact on their other commitments, for others they won't expand their horizons past laps of the same length of road every weekend. For most motorcycling seems to now be something you only do on the Twistiest piece of road as fast as you can rather than longer tours, seeing new places, riding up unknown roads to see whats at the end. I rode down Range road (Mittagong) narrow goat track rough as guts, some sharp bends and amazing views, not particularly fast but it was a great ride.

    I've also found that if the road isn't freshly sealed with hot mix it is too bumpy for a lot of riders.
  11. We must have passed one another sometime that day,it was bloody hot.
    I rode my yellow Pantah as my other bike is engine out at the moment.Bit of a cot case today.The suspension badly needs some work,the rear improved with preload,got it off the bumpstop but the front is horrible.Pounded me to paste.
    Yep the back roads down there are by far the roughest I have been on in a lot time.Today I am stuffed,in a good way.Did about 450ks and saw 1 cop,blitz I dont think so.
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  12. Try the bumps with a couple grapefruit sized girls on your chest! Nearly dented my helmet on a few potholes...
    You weren't at the Robbo pie shop were you??
    Stalled the bike twice- sheesh...fiddling with my shorty clutch lever but need to pick my fiddling moments better! A guy said (tongue in cheek) that I had better not cause a domino effect after I moved my bike because I was too close to other bikes ....something new to add to my repertoire after the Bald Hill incident lol!
  13. We passed the Pie shop heading down and went left a couple of ks down to go along a what turned out to be closed road.Luckly for the bloke with the loaded Dark Blue K1200s BMW, he had layed it over attempting a U turn at the road closed sign.A few of the boys had him up again .We then headed back up to Robertson and turned right for the back way to Picton.
    We should have stopped at mid tank fuel range for cold drinks in THAT weather and not the usual 200ks or so.Dont know how the others were traveling but I was suffering in the heat.I have improved the ergos a lot on my Pantah but it needs more compliant suspension and a seat redo.The forks are just plain HARSH,they need a set of Racetec Cartridge Emulators,the rear has 80mm of travel and unless the sag is right its a shocker. Desnt help I am 125kg,outside the design normal range of 80kg so its heavier springs and damping tweeks.The newly made 30% heavier rate rear springs arrived today.
  14. Maybe people were in other groups.

    I managed to do part of this same run (was meant to be Nasho > Mac Pass > Jamberoo and Berry Doughnut van haha) on Sunday but I took the wrong turn and went Jamberoo way first. In doing so I caught up with another riding group who thought I was with them. It worked out for me so I fell into line. They ending up stopping at the Pie shop but I kept going. Also saw a person taking pics of bikes going down Mac Pass. God damn it was hot.
  15. The person taking pics on Mac Pass was probably John from Keogh vision photography, search him on FB if you want to see pics.

    It's the lack of enthusiasm when pre-organising rides. It seems noobs think their bike has a brake on it like a Coles trolley, where when you leave the Metro area the brakes lock on.
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  16. is not that hard..
    I put up the Saturday Nowra ride on Thursday night.. (as an alternative to the camping thing)
    come Saturday, two P's and an L plater i'd never met made the early morning trek to Wollongong to go on a KV ride for the day...
    it can happen :)

    and if that one didn7t happen, I would tried to get to this Sunday one ;)
  17. I'd have jumped on this if I didn't have work, despite doing the same roads on Saturday.
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  18. Not a brake probably need a $2 coin to release it from whatever it's chained to!
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  19. Just had a look and you're right. It was John. Found my pic from on the day.
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  20. I am not a brake drager but I boiled my rear brake fluid on this hill,you can see me pumping them by hand at the end of the vid,did I mention it was bloody hot.