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[Feb 5, 2015] 5th Feb, learner friendly ride, Reefton spur and some... (Melbourne, Victoria)

Discussion in 'VIC' started by 1g9ru, Feb 2, 2015.

5th Feb, learner friendly ride, Reefton spur and some...
Start Date: Feb 5, 2015 11:00
End Date: Feb 5, 2015 18:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +11:00 AEDT

7-11 Rowville
Melbourne, Victoria 3178

Posted By: 1g9ru

Confirmed Attendees: 1
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  1. Seeing I have a week or two left to enjoy in Melbourne, looking at going for a ride through some of the roads I have really enjoyed riding on over the past couple of months. The route will be one that I've been through on a few of Uncle Greg's rides and will be approx 400kms+.

    I have been riding for just over 5months now and consider myself a learner rider, that said, even if you are an advanced rider and want to join, please feel free to do so. You can always go ahead and we can meet at the next stop, eg: top of Reefton, or next junction etc. Learners obviously welcome.

    Ride will have frequent stops and will be going at posted speeds. Meeting point will be 7-11 at the intersection of Stud Rd and Wellington Rd - https://goo.gl/maps/trDHS

    The weather forecast for Thursday is looking great so far.

    Meet at 10:30 for 11am departure.
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  2. dude why on a week day ?can you do it sat or sunday ?
    it would be a pleasure to join you
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  3. Reefton on a weekday, should be good:D Well done for posting up and leading a ride, you're bound to get a few for this.
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  4. He's busy :D
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  5. Well done for posting up a ride mate,will be sorry to see you go to the states.Don't think it will possible to take time off during the week:(
    Would love to join you on a ride again before you leave.Free Sat or Sunday this week(y)
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  6. oh hes on the GOR ride
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  7. lucky bastards
    especially with the company you will have
  8. Sounds awesome. And, as I have time off, why not!

    I'll see you at the servo at 10:30am. I'll be on a red Monster (same as profile pic).
  9. Uncle GregUncle Greg yeah, can't do the weekend as I'm on the GOR ride... The route will be one of your ones, so thank you.

    Cheers NedNed will see you on Saturday.

    BENNY THE JETBENNY THE JET thanks man, I don't feel like selling the bike and leaving either, but this is life. Will miss riding with you folks. If still around will still try for ride on 14th/15th, but unlikely.

    Excellent, bobthekelpybobthekelpy thanks for joining, will see you there :)
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  10. maybe a sickie coming on
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  11. I'm going to be a non starter this morning, apologies for the late notice.

    The wife has pulled us in for toddler duties.

    Enjoy the ride, it is a cracker of a day!
  12. No worries bobthekelpybobthekelpy , it is looking great indeed, should be fun!
  13. I'm working till 11 in St Kilda or I would've joined for sure! :(