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[Feb 4, 2013] Oohh Yeeahh!! High Country 5 Day Trip

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Ned, Nov 27, 2012.

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Oohh Yeeahh!! High Country 5 Day Trip
Start Date: Feb 4, 2013 08:00
End Date: Feb 4, 2013 18:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +11:00 AEDT

398 Plenty Rd
Mill Park 3082

Posted By: Ned

Confirmed Attendees: 0
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  1. #1 Ned, Nov 27, 2012
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2013

    5 Days covering approximately 2300km of Victoria's and NSW most enjoyable bike roads :sneaky:
    Accommodation is booked, so let's get this show on the road!!!!:riding:

    RIDE LEVEL: 4 As a guide: https://netrider.net.au/wiki/group-rides-rider-skill-levels/
    WHEN: Monday february 4 to friday february 8.
    MEET: McDonald's 398 Plenty Rd Mill Park (Shell next door, Caltex at 377 Plenty Rd).
    TIME: 8-15am for 8-30am departure :finger:
    WHERE: Staying Omeo 2 nights, 1 night at Tumut and 1 at Cooma.
    COST: $180 per person (includes cooked breakfast for both mornings at Omeo).

    This trip is suited to riders who have considerable experience where long distance and minimal stops are required. With at least 450+km to be covered most days, there'll still be breaks for morning/afternoon tea as well as the usual rest stop when getting fuel/lunch :hungry::hungry:

    I'll be leading you on a ride that will be a full-on mix of sweeping bends, tight twisties, hairpins and the usual open straights. Occasionally there's even time to take in the breathtaking scenery the High Country has to offer, not to mention the catch-up over dinner each evening. Places visited will include Merimbula, Falls Creek, Jindabyne, Khancoban and Granya, just to name a few. As well as a run up to Charlotte's Pass, there'll even be a stop at Geehi to sample the fresh clear water in the stream.

    PROPOSED ROUTE: (subject to change)

    Acorner marking system will be operating on this ride, so will a TEC. However, the group is expected to stay fairly well together and not spread out too much (corner marking in stinking hot sun for 20 minutes is not fun!)

    This opening post will be amended from time to time so please refer back here for updates :happy:


    1. Ned (PAID)
    2. Pilgrim (PAID)
    3. Spenze (PAID)
    4. Zol (PAID)
    5. Blackadder (PAID)
    6. Viscera99 (PAID)
    7. Captain Insano (PAID)
    8. Sir Ride Alot (PAID)
    9. Biker Fred (PAID)
    10. Gongboy(PAID)

    Thankyou everyone for your payment.

    Ride is completely booked and no more names are being taken unless someone pulls out.

    Ned. (y)
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  2. Ahhh, you make me sad..

    Just calculated my pending annual leave for those dates, am around 1.5days short :-(
  3. Hells yeah!!!!

    Count me in! (tentatively until I get "permission")
  4. Count me in, confirmed I have those days free, will be sort of like a big party for me because I start a 2 year full time advanced diploma course next year!
    REALLY looking forward to this one. Whoo!
  5. This would be a nice birthday present for myself, hehe, I'll see if I'm able to get some leave that week.
  6. Mmm, hope you can somehow negotiate the extra time Pilgrim, good luck.

    I hereby grant you permission Spenze!!

    No worries Kernel, will be a good run for the Big Thumper.

    Parties and birthdays, what better way to reward yourselves, hope you're able to join us Zol.
  7. Spenze has assured me he'll be attending yet another awesome journey on his Crossrunner, you must have a few kays up on it now?

    Only 9 weeks to go peoples, get in now!! :D
  8. #8 zol, Dec 6, 2012
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2012
    Hey Ned, I would like to go, pending leave, acting manager is being a dick at the moment, having a major shake up at work, changing managers etc so I find out in a week or two.. Fingers crossed.
    *scrub that, it just got approved.
  9. Awesome Zol, welcome aboard.....
  10. Hey ned !

    Put my name down tentative for this.

    Will confirm ASAP.

  11. No prob's Stu, I look forward to your confirmation (y)
  12. you make it hard to say no, ned.. :confused: have to confirm later
  13. Hard to say no to 5 days of awesome blacktop? I know you've probably done these roads a few times, but it's roads like these you never tire of. Talking about tyres, what did you get?
  14. i haven't actually done most of those roads.. how embarrassment! that's why its so hard to resist.. time to pop the cherry hehe

    i got two sets of q2s. i will probably go through one set before this ride. i'm broke, but i'm happy, so yeah can't stop riding.. :D
  15. Frickin yay, I am in, sorted my leave out (even though I will be a day & a half in the negative), my boss didn't object....
  16. Heya Ned, will you do a route of the whole trip in google map soon?
  17. Yep, will do.
  18. sounds awesome just done 1900 klicks up that way last month, awesome ride!!
  19. Hey I'm slightly nervous about 450+k's a day! out of 4 days (Alternate Snowy Ride) I've done 1 day of 430~k's and it got hard at the end, although long straights drain me a little.
  20. If you're riding the Strommer Zol, I reckon you'd be fairly comfortable and would pull up better than most riders on more sport-style bikes. On the recent 3 day Learner trip I lead, I had a go on a 650 Strom and it felt like an arm chair ride, very impressed!
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