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Featured [Feb 27, 2015] L/P Welcome! Port Macquarie - Oxley Hwy Weekend (NSW)

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by TWEET, Jan 3, 2015.

L/P Welcome! Port Macquarie - Oxley Hwy Weekend
Start Date: Feb 27, 2015 08:00
End Date: Feb 28, 2015 16:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +11:00 AEDT

Port Macquarie Oxley Hwy Weekend
Port Macquarie

Posted By: TWEET

Confirmed Attendees: 0
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  1. Boys & Girls,

    It's time to do it again!!

    6 places in total are initially available - so myself +5

    L / P Welcome!!!
    If you are an L or P rider, you are welcome to come on what will be a fantastic riding experience for you. The only condition is that you must be able to ride your bike at the relevant L / P speed limit. This will not be a ride for you if when cornering you have to almost walk around the corners or can't maintain the speed limit.

    When: Friday 27th February - Sunday 1st March 2015

    Meeting point: TBA depending upon those going. A meeting point close to the city for city dwellers, and a meeting point out near Windsor for those coming from the West or North.

    Accommodation: I have first class accommodation available including security bike parking, pool, Spa, BBQ, Aircon etc Check my past rides and feel free to PM anyone who has attended previously if you want an independent opinion. I don't do tents, backpackers or cardboard boxes by the roadside...

    The cost of accommodation is $125 per person for the 2 nights based upon 6 people. If we cannot get 6 people to go, the option will be given to share the total cost between those who do want to go.

    Bedding consists of;
    2x King
    4x Singles

    I am taking the main bedroom with 1 King.
    The remaining beds are available on a first come basis.

    I will require your payment up-front and nett of Paypal fees, or via direct credit to my account if you want to secure a place, that stops people mucking the rest of us around and from taking a place only to cancel last minute or not show up causing others to miss out.

    The accommodation almost always has to be pre-paid and is often non-refundable, so the quicker I can get spots filled, the quicker I can secure a place. With that in mind, I am not prepared to make the booking and then try to fill 6 places. If the accommodation is not available once the ride is full, I will consult with those attending on how to proceed, whether we just all take a refund or book an alternate property.

    The journey:-
    Day 1
    Friday we will meet in the morning, and head out to Windsor.
    From Windsor;
    Putty rd to Mt Thorley then New England Hwy to Maitland
    From Maitland we head towards Paterson, Dungog and onto the Bucketts Way into Gloucester. Lunch in Gloucester. Route from Paterson to Dungog may vary upon road condition.

    After lunch, from Gloucester we take the Bucketts Way towards Krambach and Taree, joining the Pacific Hwy for the run into Port Macquarie.

    Day 2
    Port Mac to Wauchope on the Oxley hwy all the way to Walcha, rest and fuel in Walcha.
    Thunderbolts Way to Armidale, and then towards the coast heading for Waterfall Way. Arriving at Dorrigo, we will see my old mate Juan for lunch at his excellent cafe, do a few laps of Waterfall Way and then head for Bellingen. From Bellingen, the Pacific Hwy back to Port Mac.
    ** This is also subject to weather, road conditions and the whether the group would prefer to just go over the Oxley to Walcha and back to Port Macquarie via the Oxley in reverse.

    Day 3
    Like day 2, we will again Cross the range on the Oxley Hwy to Walcha, where we will get fuel, take a break, then head South on Thunderbolts Way to Gloucester. lunch in Gloucester, before making our way back towards Sydney on Bucketts Way.
    Those from the West of Sydney can turn off back towards the Putty rd, and head for Windsor, those from the South or East can follow Bucketts Way all the way back to Karuah to join the Pacific Highway and down the F3.

    Day 2 can be altered to suit, days 1/3 are fairly set in stone.

    *********READ BELOW HERE!!!!*********
    A few notes;

    1) No point saying you are in unless you PM me for payment details and make the payment. Your place is not secured until payment is received by me unless I know you personally.

    2) Payments are non-refundable unless the ride is cancelled by myself or the accommodation provider as it is almost a given that I will not be able to cancel the booking and get a refund. If you book, then can't make it, you are free to give/sell your place to someone else, but that will be entirely your responsibility to effect that transaction. If you can't re-sell your place, then you will lose your $$. Thats the reality of discount accommodation.

    3) No unreliable bikes, make sure you have your own puncture kit.

    4) There may be new riders on this ride weekend, so if you are a faster rider and you are too impatient to wait for those slower than you, DO NOT COME!!

    If you need help with anything just ask!

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  2. This Oxley of which you speak - it sounds intriguing.... how many snots should I pack??!?! ;-)
  3. Well if you come along, there will be at least 60 snots between us, and I did find another 5 lurking in the R1150RT pannier ;)
  4. 4 places remaining!
  5. Can you pm me your account details.

    damedidamedi - I assume you are going?
  6. Yes Damedi is going.
    Will PM the details George
  7. Hi Wayne,
    Count me in, will send funds to the usual address.
  8. 3 Places remaining

    Awesome Steve ;)
  9. TWEET, I'm interested in the ride. PM your account details and I'll have word in the next day or two whether I'm in for sure and and have payment sent through.
  10. Have the word, then let me know if you are in. ;) No places are reserved until payment is made so be quick if you want to go. Also note - Payments are non-refundable unless the accommodation provider or myself cancel the ride, so be sure!
  11. Hello snot buddy's. Count me in. Payment will arrive in the next few minutes my lolly pop friend :D


    P.S> Add another 30 snots to the total...
  12. Somebody tell Port Macquarie to stock up on ice cream, choc topping and whipped cream!!!!! ;-)
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  13. I am going to damage those Rocky Road Sundae's!!!!!!!
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  14. 2 Places remaining

    I don't want lollipops :(
  15. I'm confirmed. PM me over payment details and I'll organise payment ASAP.

    By the way damedidamedi and GeorgeOGeorgeO I've noticed forks leaking after a ride I did on new years. One is leaking a little too much so I'll probably be out of action until this weekend, assuming I can get my hands on a new set of seals by then.
  16. Do you want to see about those seals first? I don't want you coming with a leaky set of legs, and once you pay it's non-refundable....
  17. I knew these would need doing soon-ish after I bought the bike. I'll have them taken apart this week waiting for new seals to arrive. Definitely won't be an issue beyond the next week or two.

    Fully aware of the terms and conditions (y)
  18. #18 TWEET, Jan 5, 2015
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2015
  19. hhhhhhhmmmmmmmmm...............maybe.
  20. Do it!!! You know you want to :D