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[Feb 22, 2015] Wiseman's Ferry via Old Rd Sunday 1st March 2015 (Wisemans Ferry)

Discussion in 'NSW' started by Senator17, Feb 19, 2015.

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  1. I'm going for a ride Up the Old road and then around to Wisemans Ferry Pub for lunch. Anyone want to join me? Meet me at Mc Donalds Thornleigh at 9:00 am.

  2. I think that's a splendid idea! I'm in but will confirm my confirmation by confirming on Saturday.
  3. might be able to manage a 9.00am start - depends what time I get home from the ballet on Saturday - i am a tentative maybe but will definitely let you know by Saturday
  4. Senator17Senator17 - maybe I can ride with you to Thornleigh from Liverpool
  5. Hi PeonyPeony, would you like to meet me at Mc Donalds at Bonnyrig, corner of Elizabeth Drive and Smithfield Road at 8:15?
  6. I can do that - iClintiClint might join us as well - have to see if he has made other plans or not - thanks
  7. at this stage count me in, will decide last minute if im on the dr or the xvs.
  8. Hi Bill,

    Am in at this stage and will be meeting you at Maccas Bonnyrig at 8:15am

    I will confirm on Saturday
  9. Hi there. I'm a newbie to Motorcycle riding, but I've gotten used to it now. I'm available to join on Sunday. If you can take me along with you on your little adventure, is there any other place I can meet you or is Thornleigh Mcdonalds the way to go? I live in Rydalmere.
  10. I'll come if mucus has stopped pouring from my nose and down my throat by Sunday.

    Happy to bring up the rear of the pack to support any newer riders.

    Are we on rain or shine?
  11. Justcrusin, probably best for you to meet us at Thornleigh Maccas. Clint, hope you feel better soon and can join us.
  12. I'll be out if it rains Clint. Hopefully you'll feel better soon. I was like that last weekend but a couple of shots from my favourite medicine (Stolichnaya) put me on the right track for a speedy recovery ;)
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  13. I'm over the worst of it, now just expelling what is left.
  14. My dad's recipe for a cold was Stoly or JW Black in a cup of black tea with honey and twist of lemon. By the next morning you'll be fine
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  15. I'm in if you'll have me!
    I'm coming from Camden so I'll meet you at Bonnyrigg too if that's cool?
  16. Hi MT, that's cool, see you at Bonnyrig
  17. ill be coming from beecroft rd, is there only one maccas between there/boundary rd and hornsby?
  18. You guys still going if it rains?
  19. Just confirming i'm definitely in tomorrow. Rain or shine. See u at Macca's Thornleigh at 9am
  20. I'll be confirming in the morning, dependant on weather and my cold.
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