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VIC [Feb 21, 2016] Protest against St Kilda ban on footpath parking (St Kilda, VIC)

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Mouth, Feb 18, 2016.

Protest against St Kilda ban on footpath parking
Start Date: Feb 21, 2016 09:00
End Date: Feb 21, 2016 14:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +11:00 AEDT

Ackland St, St Kilda
Ackland Street
St Kilda, VIC

Posted By: Mouth

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  1. St Kilda police asked the City of Port Phillip to introduce footpath parking bans over a relatively large area around LUNA PARK. The signs went up in mid February. There was no consultation with riders or businesses.

    City of Port Phillip spokeswoman Fiona Blair says the six-month motorcycle parking ban trial was in response to “many complaints” about the large number of bikes parked on footpaths and “excessive noise”.

    Darren Carson has organised a protest against these footpath parking bans in St Kilda. He says the protest is to make a stand against the footpath parking ban becoming permanent and spreading across Melbourne.

    Riders can meet at McDonalds on the Western Ring Road between 9 - 9.30am and ride into St Kilda, arriving approx. 10am.

    Alternatively, if you can get there (Ackland St, St.Kilda) early and park in a car bay, please do. Bring change for the ticket machines. Good breakfasts at the many cafe's along Ackland Street. Be polite to car drivers looking for somewhere to park. Explain it's the councils fault and they should ring them to complain.
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  2. I can't make it but banning street parking is just stupid. I heard on 3AW today that the ban was from a request of the police. Bikes are too noisy !
  3. Wow...

    They Must be running low on cash.
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  4. The 'banned' areas are, quite frankly, nonsensical and poorly marked. But the VMC is currently engaging the City of Port Phillip in discussion about this arbitrary ban. Whilst the CoPP claim that it was not a council decision (so who else put up the signs) and that it was in response to a VicPol request, it was done without due process and proper consultation. We remain hopeful that some progress can be made.

    The areas are a narrow strip of pavement alongside a council parking area, the large area outside The Vineyard Restaurant and the main area adjacent to the Luna Park entrance. None of them have signage visible from the footpath, where a bike would be parked!



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  5. A lack of proper planning here: the following Sunday (28th Feb) has the last Bare as you Dare ride scheduled to leave from St Kilda Luna Park. I bet the CoPP don't ban them from parking outside the entrance!

  6. What a waste of time. With all the issues currently facing motorcyclists in Victoria and Australia as a whole, this is what they decide to protest over.

    Let's also think about who the protest is going to piss off. It won't be the council or police, it'll be the general public and business owners. The very same people who undoubtedly made the complaints in the first place. Good job, your giving them even more reason to restrict motorcycle parking.

    If you do intend on going to the protest ensure your bike is fully roadworthy and fully compliant, I have read elsewhere that VicPol and the EPA will also be in attendance.

    I do however agree with the VMC's actions on this. Consultation is the answer to this storm in a tea cup issue.
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  7. I remember that corner (3rd pic) on Stray Day, it was quite chockers with bikes, I didn't mind though and it gave people a chance to look at the different styles of bikes. So where are the bikes suppose to park? What a moronic decision to ban parking there. Although I do agree with the noise, you get a few who ruin it for the others with those noisy chromed things.
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  8. When CoPP say it wasn't a council decision, what they mean was that the decision wasn't part of a council meeting discussed and decided by the councillors. The parking restriction signage was an operational decision, the bonafides of which still haven't been validated outside of the CoPP organisation.

    VMC has spoken with CoPP, got a good hearing and has requested a meeting with its CEO to broker a win win solution.

    = = =

    A couple of things about the "justification" for the protest - one of the scaremongering aspects is that restrictions of this type will be a cancer that spreads IF no action is taken now. Every council everywhere already has the tools at their disposal AND HAS HAD THEM FOR YEARS to put in such bans. But they haven't done so. There is no nasty conspiracy as is being peddled by some.

    Fear mongering suggests that this is the thin edge of the wedge for bike parking restrictions in CoPP, but there are no plans to make CoPP free of all footpath parking. As pointed out to me, Acland street, Cavell street, Lower and Upper Esplanade etc are not being restricted, nor planned to be.

    There needs to be a genuine reason for putting in traffic control signage of this type. Those reasons should be forthcoming by request of by FOI. So if there is a "spread" throughout municipalities, riders are not powerless. Protest is not the only democratic tool available. Requesting the justification, holding the council account etc., is probably an even more effective approach as the local paper will go nuts if the local council has been found to be acting inappropriately/unethically.

    Sadly, while this has become an important issue amongst riders, mandatory ABS, WRB's and other policy is driving ahead without anyone to call it to account.
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  9. This is the important bit. The reason and the source is a mystery, but perhaps they (St Kilda police) have a concern about large organised groups using it as a meeting place?
    Are there currently a lot of bikes parking there?
    Agree. It may well become a trend allowing councils to gentrify more and more precincts over time.
    I could see justification in occupying the car parking spaces, but that's all.
  10. Pic one seems to have plenty of room, pic two I can see why as it appears to be a narrow path but pic 3?
    If you had a business with street frontage as per the 3rd photo how long do you reckon it will be before they start hassling the council / police over the same "noise" issue.
    I wonder how long before some of these very same areas suddenly become adorned with table and chairs.
  11. Jeffco, Pic three is taken on the large area shown in the first photo, indicating that the signs are useless since they can't be seen from where you would park. It's the area outside The Vineyard Restaurant.

    The opposite side of the road is not signed but is obviously not suitable for bike parking anyway!
  12. Pic 3 isn't the same area as pic 1. Pic 3 is directly out the front of vines I think.

    Playing devils advocate. I think we riders have probably pushed our luck too many times here, sure you can fit motorcycles, but often I walk along this area on a Saturday night and motorcycles are obstructing the path as everyone seems to want to park there. Maybe a solution is to paint a box where bikes can park? If you can't fit, go further up the road.
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  13. I would be more inclined to hit the VicPol with FOI requests to identify exactly what they asked of council.

    I can imagine residents complaining about noise as there have been complaints in the past, usually though the noise is coming from bikes riding cruising the beach front areas. That is no where near where the restrictions are. Where the restrictions are there is already a significant amount of noise coming from Luna Park
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  14. Agree with BjpittBjpitt.
    I've frequented that area many times both on Sat evenings and on Sundays when the shirtless Super Mario's on nightrods completely envelope the footpath like a flock of angry seagulls vying for the last hot chip.
    You have to regularly walk (or wheel the pram) onto Akland street into traffic to get past which then creates another issue as traffic then labours through the roundabout 15 metres further up the street. It's both a pedestrian AND traffic issue.
    It's a lawsuit waiting to happen and I think in this instance it may well be justified HOWEVER... successful legislation should always include all parties and it seems in this instance, this has not taken place.

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  15. I think best left to VMC to investigate and get a clear response about why it was done. If there's a reasonable case that pedestrian access is being impeded then it's not necessarily the thin end of the wedge. But it always pays to be vigilant.
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  16. someone mentioned protest ride. What's reasonableness got to do with it.
  17. Those who blip the throttle on those loud Cruisers within 2m of people having their coffees along Acland St have little consideration.
    And those Riders who think they can just keep parking their bikes on Footpaths, even though there's already too many bikes parked there, sending pedestrians on to the street to get round them.
    Am I going to go in and park my bike in a car spot all day Sunday, to support these Pea Brain Retards? Not a hope in hell.
    They need to be fined, have their bikes towed, and be made have an EPA Noise test.
    Footpaths are for Pedestrians. We enjoy the right to park our bikes there if we are thoughtful and courteous.
    It's the small handful of inconsiderate dickheads who create these wars, and put all riders on the nose with the rest of the community.
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  18. thats the thing though, this place is money... money talks and bullshit walks.
  19. I'm down in St Kilda reasonably often and I very rarely have an issue with getting through that area. I'm more bothered by the herds of idiots stopping in the middle of the footpath to look in shop windows or discuss if they should get dinner there.

    I do get the complaints in regard to the noise though. Sitting in the park on the far side of the Vineyard conversations are drowned out at certain times by the dicks sitting there on their straight piped Harleys doing nothing but revving their engines. It completely ruins the atmosphere, and at a time when half the people there are families out for dinner.

    I've got nothing against loud pipes, but if you've got no muffler and sit on the footpath between restaurants, cafes, bars and apartments "warming up" for five minuets at a time then you're the c0ckhead giving the rest of us motorcyclists a bad name.
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  20. I'm sympathetic to the problem where motorcycles are clogging up the footpath - but doesn't the law state that parking on the footpath is only permitted if it doesn't obstruct pedestrian access?

    Banning bikes completely is only going to create another set of problems - less parking for everyone else. It only moves one problem on to another...

    Why not instead deal with the people who are blocking up the footpath are in the wrong... fine them. Or those making a nuisance of themselves. I much prefer dealing with the problem at hand - open and straight up than the back door hush hush of who says they want what where with ramifications that may spread through out the whole state and ruining it for everyone because of the bad practices of a few.
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