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Feb 2016 Competition, $50 prize winner - DrSleepy

Discussion in 'Monthly Photo Competition' started by Justus, Jan 31, 2016.

  1. Theme: From your job or workplace.

    $50 will be deposited into the winners bank account. Buy yourself something or donate it to charity.

    Thread rules:
    1 photo per person and has to be THEME RELATED.
    * Photo must be taken by you. You may add a comment explaining the photo, location etc.
    * No other posts or comment aside from your entry please. This is to keep to photos in a row down the page so we don't have to scroll through pages looking for photos
    * Competition entries close 6pm Monday 22 February 2016.

    How do we decide the winner after the month is over?
    You will decide by clicking on the thumbs up like button on who you think the winner should be. Please don't click on the thumbs up button till voting begins. To be fair on everyone, a person cannot win twice in a 6 month period, if a person wins twice within 6 months, the photo with the second most votes will take the prize.

    The winner will be contacted via PM by
    [​IMG] goz, [​IMG] Mouth once voting has been completed.

    Thanks (y)

    Please DO NOT like anyone's photo or comment between photos!

  2. This is my office, taken during the world cup

  3. Lunchtime.

    The sign doesn't work btw.... image.
  4. My desk space, zoom in closely under the 2 monitors and there is a model Honda CBR for me to play with when stuck on phone meetings. Since I ride to work everyday I put it all on the cabinet to my left.

  5. Configuring a Clustered Server for a customer

    2015-08-17 14.34.11.
  6. switches, patches, and leads, oh my!
  7. Would you fly in this after I'm finished with it?

    Note: this was taken about year ago at my last job...and no this is not the reason why I don't work there anymore :rolleyes:
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  8. IMG_3505.JPG Installing an elevator and tower into a bar in Perth a few weeks back
  9. P6220017.JPG

    We were finishing off a McMansion in Toorak for a rich client. This Latex Sculpture by a famous Artist was delivered. It's a "Son holding his Deceased Father"
    The project Manager comes in after Lunch, stands in the middle of the Floor, staring at it for 2 minutes.
    Then he goes, "Hey mate, Just fcuking put it somewhere, We haven't got all day"
    He thought the "Son" was real.
    Needless to say, We laughed him outa the House.
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  10. The view from the office. How are you supposed to get work done?

  11. image.
    Never enough time to ride...
  12. Late in 2013 I worked on an educational broadcast from an artist studio in Sydney. In between camera switches I found myself vaguely wondering what the inspiration for and meaning of this piece was:


    Mad Max? A harsh look at the narcissistic media culture we live in? Anyway, it had (butchered) bike in it. The beer, fish and chips from the pub down the road distracted me pretty quickly afterwards.
  13. The parking lot at work

  14. My workplace a few months ago...in the paddock checking for a leak in a cattle trough....one minute sunshine next minute this :)

  15. youamI ballaratbeerfest.
    you am I at the ballarat beer fest.. not a bad day at work, no drinking tho, hhad a truck to drive.
  16. My work place, a construction site in the Solomon Islands, am heading back over next week. That's the bar, just past the pool for those who are thirsty.
    DSCN1948. resized to 1600.
  17. Feeling like I stepped through a time warp at my workshop

    Attached Files:

  18. Looking out from my area..

  19. python 8.2010.JPG Snake Catcher.
    Part Time only ... Carpet Pythons are non poisonous so we like them around the place, keeps vermin & the browns/ red belly's away but I just wish they'd stay out of our tree house !
  20. [​IMG]
    Another up before sparrow's fart flights interstate for a day full of meetings.