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[Feb 10, 2013] Yarra Ranges Instructed Ride (Lilydale, Vic)

Discussion in 'VIC' started by twistngo, Jan 15, 2013.

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Yarra Ranges Instructed Ride
Start Date: Feb 10, 2013 08:00
End Date: Feb 10, 2013 16:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +11:00 AEDT

Yarra Ranges Council Offices
15 Anderson St Lilydale
Lilydale, Vic 3140

Posted By: twistngo

Confirmed Attendees: 1
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  1. #1 twistngo, Jan 15, 2013
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  2. sounds interesting... i just dont think RubyRed ever wants to see anyone from HART again....
  3. So $65 for a full day of instructed riding.
    Do you know further information about this twistngo or just what the links say? Because they do leave a couple of questions unanswered.

    How small does 'small groups' means? How much actual riding will be done/how much time will be spent talking about theory? How many km will be ridden?
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    Nina, I've been a Marshall on a few of these and I did them when I was learning. Heli is also a Marshall. The groups are about 6 or so. They seem to bring in enough instructors to keep them small. There's a lot of riding. About an hour of chat at the start, then shorter talks at each stop. They used to put a map up of the route. But its from Lilydale up the tourist road to Olinda, then to Monbulk and Seville through the back roads. Up to Launching place and through the Healesville then up Myers Creek to Toolangi. Back down Chum Creek and from memory the Old Healesville Rd to Yarra Glen and back to Lilydale.You do get told what you are doing wrong.
    The Marshalls are the corner markers. When the riders stop we catch up then head out ahead and get ready.
    Found the map. They may have changed the route a bit.
    http://maps.google.com.au/maps?saddr=Lilydale, Victoria&daddr=-37.775537,145.5839411 to:Healesville-Kinglake Rd/C724 to:Lilydale, Victoria&hl=en&sll=-37.641966,145.410919&sspn=0.432255,1.054001&geocode=FZPdv_0did6pCCmbh5e59S7WajEg1IwhdVYEBQ;FU-Xv_0dRW-tCClBw2bpf9MpazEk202ub2Poyw;FeImw_0dqsqrCA;FZPdv_0did6pCCmbh5e59S7WajEg1IwhdVYEBQ&oq=Lilydale&mra=ls&via=1&t=m&z=11
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  5. Don't be so HARTless trd2000 >>;P
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  6. Hi there, I am the Community Safety Officer organising this event. Thanks for your enquiry. Unfortunately you cannot fit everything on the website, but I am happy to answer any questions you have.
    Answers to your questions:
    Small groups depend on how many riders attending and what level of riding ability they have, but generally 5-6 riders per HART instructor.
    There is 30 min theory in the morning, then the ride is conducted with a few stops on the way with 5-10 min comments, then stop for lunch and a couple of stops on the way back. I can supply more details if you would like to email me on the above address.
    There is a map on the Yarra Ranges Website which can give the approximate kms.
    Hope this helps. Happy to answer more questions if you think of them. Regards, Millie Thomas
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  7. I did this a couple of years ago when I was new to group rides and rather bemused by the endless arguments about how the netrider rides were run :p
    I thought they were a super professional outfit and outrageously good value for the price. I've always been very impressed by HART instructors.
  8. That's a very short ride for a whole day thing isn't it?
    I remember seeing somewhere they do a Reefton/black spur ride as well?

    Are these classes good for someone who rides the spurs weekly or are they purely aimed at beginners to the twisties?
  9. This Toolangi ride is for newish riders.
    Not sure when the Reefton ride is on.
    I think Millie is on leave until the middle of next week and she should know.
  10. Newish riders... The most important questions often get the vaguest answers.
  11. Nina. The rides cater for a range of abilities from learners up. But if you already position yourself well on the road and hit your apexes you might not get a lot from the Toolangi ride.
  12. id be right into this if i had $65 to spare this week.. :(
    might have to catch the next one. :(
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  13. I did this a few years ago, good value for money and very professional, they broke us into small groups then at the stops we combined for talks re riding tips.
  14. For the sake of these instructed rides, you aren't a newish rider, Nina. You could do the Reefton ride if that's where they still go.

    Way back when, I went on one and posted a review. I assume things are run much the same.

    Alas they were the good old days when Reefton had no 80 kph limit :cry:
  15. He is out of the office on a holiday leave (auto respond) :)
    Should probably just ring them. But how do we book otherwise?
  16. Ring them I suspect
  17. Cool, thanks for that feedback.
  18. I'm going! Hope to see some of the NR crew there! :riding:
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  19. I'll be there :)
    Can't wait.
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  20. I'll be there, too. That is if I can find the start point. I am sooooo good at getting lost ;)
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