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Feature manufacturer required

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jdaley, Oct 4, 2005.

  1. The HMRAV is looking to make contact with a " One make Club" that will come to the Southern Classic rally and be promoted as a feature of the meeting. IE Matchless club would result in a Matchless promotion for the weekend. Any ideas?
    It will be a major new development to our meeting and we need to get things happening asap. So I can be contacted on 03 9888 4387 or via this site or even www.hmrav.org.

  2. SVs are hysterical motorcycles, not historical ones. :D

    John - are you restricting this one manufacturer" - because some product lines (like the Z series Kwakas, or the SOHC Hondas) have strong clubs but do not represent the full span of models from that manufacturer. They remain of historical interest, however.
  3. Fine go the indian I say :)
  4. I will admit I had inmind some of the more " Classic " clubs, but lets keep an open mind. We want the machines to be part of the Historic / Classic nature of the overall meeting.
    Otherwise it may just be somethiung similiar to the GP or superbikes.
  5. What about the SR500 club Mark???? 8) 8)
  6. Me again - and I don't want to derail your thinking - but rather than going with particular classic marques, what about trying to showcase the development of particular technologies. Netrider is fairly ecumenical, but classic machinery is largely the preserve of the Old Farts - and even then, mainly though reminiscence rather than current ownership.

    I can access masses of information about Triumphs, for example, and walk through online museums full of historical stuff. What I've never seen is a showcase of, for example, the history of the V-Twin, displaying classics from each era. Something like that would be harder to organise, I suppose but if the purpose is to provide "history" then this strikes me as an interesting project. It would certainly be a change from the "Triumphs on the right, BSAs at the back, Nortons over the oil tray" style of display.
  7. Have you been to one of their meetings? Or the Bethanga rally? Southern Classic attendees have a slightly feral look, but not in the same league as the SR Club [I hope Andy's not reading this :) ] The SR is historically interesting for the same reason as the BSA Bantam - It demonstrates humanity's inate capacity to put up with anything :) 30 years of continous production and new ones still shake like a bastard and break ankles.

    And I wouldn't have it any other way!
  8. If it close enough to the GP and you're still pulling a fair BEAR crowd, perhaps you could call on NFimporters Ducati. They have the big mack truck that they haul down.
    Otherwise the Bevelhead component of DOCV. The Bevelutionaries had rallying tendencies in the past.