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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Sir Skuffy, Jun 10, 2005.

  1. Hey all,

    Youve all probably seen alot of my posts about riding quick, having fun, being cocky and silly... As most of us are.

    But, how many of us understand the consequences of our actions, behaviour and riding habbits? How many of us sometimes "fear" what we do? Especially when we pull of a silly move..... ??

    I for one look back at virtually every move I make and analyse what would have happened if that driver had to brake suddenly... ? What would happen if that car came around the corner 1 second earlier??

    Yes, I ride and love it. But, I also fear it. Maybe that is what makes us enjoy what we do so much. Realisation
  2. Hey Skuff,

    Good topic. I have a lot of trouble letting go of my fear of the unknown on public roads. I have been undone too many time by surface imperfections (Gravel, Tar Lines), that I have trouble really going for it on the roads. I guess this is a good thing as several times my fear has told be to ease up slightly (5-10 kph) and I actually ride smoother and enjoy it more.

    I personally cannot wait to have a go on a race track so I can completely go for it with out the fear of the unexpected (Only fear of my crappy skill levels :p ).

    I guess sometimes the fear is good for you, and can even feel good. :twisted:

    I'm gonna die!!!!

    Oh wait, I'm okay.
  3. A little introspective this early in the morning, but I think a valid point.
    More and more these days when you find yourself sitting at a set of traffic lights going, ok now how did I just survive that incident or was that the smartest thing I have ever done.
    I think with the ever increasing amount of traffic on the road then fear must be your constant companion. Not your driving force though. It does not hurt to fear things, overcoming the fear makes you stronger.

    Look out I just got introspective. :):):):):)
  4. I try not to look back and analyse too much of what happens, though certain incidents do force themselves into my thoughts and this helps me refine my road sense.

    Like the other daywhen zipping through an intersection on the yellow light in the left hand lane (with 2 lanes of trucks to the right that were stopping), I was almost cleaned up by a taxi that was turning right from the other direction.

    I don't do that anymore...
  5. I no what your fear is Mitch .. a VFR800 sitting on your ass along the GOR and you being unable to shake it, knowing all the while that your really holding it up :) :LOL:

    Ahh, I loved watching you battling the wind on that naked barge you ride. :)
  6. Very much so .. it's what makes me learn/improve and be reminded of the limits.
  7. fear is what i think makes riding bikes so much fun. soon as i stop being scared, i'll start wrestling crocodiles or something :D
  8. Hey Mouth, that was a rather windy day.

    OK, lets clear things up people:
    Mouth left 5 minutes before me
    My bike was limited to 150km/h due to really bad wheel balancing
    Caught and past mouth like the clap

    Anyway, Mouth, you are an excellent, I am just better.... :LOL: :wink:
  9. I think if you don't have a fear of your bike (and of your own dark/moron side) you can't respect it's and your limits.
  10. On a serious note, thanks guys (you two Mouth) for the positive responses.

    Questioning motivation, cause and effect...... I rode to work this morning and marvalled at the amazing sunrise.... Those few minutes as the sun crests the clouds and you have that GOLD lining on those clouds.

    I must say, I was in tears as I looked back through my life and the moments where I almost lost it.

    Ride safe during this holiday weekend, please.

  11. Fear is what keeps us safe. It makes us watch the car in front that appears to be slowing with no brake lights showing, it makes us look through intersections in case someone jumps a red light, it makes us watch the car pulling out from a driveway, it makes us ride more carefully in the rain.

    If I didn't have fear while riding, I wouldn't do it. It is perhaps fear which makes me ride safer and keep a keener eye on the road conditions. If I didn't fear anything while on the bike I would say I've become complacent and more likely have an accident.
  12. Hey Nodz.

    I understand and agree 100%. I went through a phase of being IMMORTAL for about 12 months. Hit by 2 cars, countless race track crashes will minimal damage (broekn ankle, ribs, dislocations, stitches). I felt completely immortal and rode accordingly.

    Lets just say one day came that changed everything. FOr 6 months after that, I was chicken little on the roads.... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    A friend once said, Fear is your subconsious brakes
  13. So very true Mr skuffy . I like alot of people have done some fearful things . . For improving myself i have to go past my limit of riding ability. The day i hop on a bike with no fear is the day i become to complacent .
  14. I fear prostate cancer, it really gets up my arse...... :D
  15. :applause: :applause:
  16. Fear is good, it is the thing that stops us from killing ourselves, but it can also be a double edged sword (see some gravel, become transfixed by the gravel and coming off, and then fall off).
    I think the trick is to be able to learn from these little experiences & understand why you act the way you do, rather than to ignore them & hope the same doesn't happen again.

    How can you improve as a rider if you don't understand what you are doing wrong/ how you are riding?

    Freezing, near misses, riding beyond yourself etc.. are all nasty things to experience, but they can be turned into something positive by applying a little thought.

    I haven't ridden with you, but I'd be prepared to bet another 10c that you're a pretty safe rider Skuffy. Anyone that thinks like that is alright by me :)

    ... time for some baclava ...
  17. Yep, couldn't agree more.
  18. Thanks Nearly Empty......

    You coming to coffee tonight?
  19. Probably not, despite living in the Eureka tower, Fridays are pretty bad for me.

    Heading out this weekend on the bike, but still umm-ing and ahh-ing as to when/ where :roll:
  20. Come for a ride with us tomorrow?

    They say it is going to rain but they also said that about today... Who knows...... Going to the top of Mt Buller for lunch... Early start