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Fcuken Spammers!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by 2wheelsagain, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. Look what just arrived in my inbox.
    This must be the best publicised scam out and the knobs still try it :roll:
    Do people still get sucked in my this sh!t?

  2. It has a logo and an ABN on it.

    Someone will fall for it :?
  3. I should have mentioned in the OP that it was sent from lcf@bloominflowers.com :LOL:

    Last time I checked that wasnt a WBC email address :shock:

    Edit: Looking for a HUGE attachment to send back now :grin:
  4. It shouldn't take to long to find a nice vid of some gay p0rn on the net to send back. Just remember to change the file name to "Account reference's"
    That will ensure they open it :LOL:
  5. My Mum said:
    Don't talk to strangers
    Check both ways before crossing the street

    Internet mum said:
    Never click on links inside emails
    Always check the url on the address bar before typing in your password

    Bank mum said:
    You will be notified by Auspost mail for every account change it might occur.

    Don't know how far schools are into internet safety, but they should + self deference + driving skills + abolition of stupidity :?
  6. My 56mb PDF just came back "undeliverable"! Bugger :mad:
  7. The funniest story I've heard was some bloke (I think it was on TT or ACA, or some other leader in the field of journalism...) who'd been getting scammed for like 5 years with one of those African scams. The ones where you provide your bank account details so we can deposit a million and you'll keep 10%. 5 YEARS!!!
  8. I saw that as well... :LOL:
  9. :shock: :evil:

    you have reported this to westpac?
  10. No mate, but thats a great idea. :wink:
  11. A shitload of people have fallen for the Nigeria/Ivory Coast <insert dodgy country here> scam so there is no end really to peoples stupidity/gullibility/greed, so for every 10 pps like you that pick up on it there is probably one they manage to scam, well worth it.
  12. A surprising look inside the world of phishing

    Most phishing sites are actually pre-fabricated, off-the-shelf kits that anyone can set up. The kits contain corporate logos to mimic brand-name sites and the code necessary to gather and transmit victims' personal info. The creation process for a phishing site is absurdly simple:

    All you would have to do is the following: 1) Unzip the kit 2) Pick the directory corresponding the company you want to target 3) Edit a single file in the directory to input the email address you want the results emailed to 4) Deploy the directory onto a compromised host on the internet, and voila! - you have yourself a phishing site. If you take a look at the client side code (HTML and JavaScript) presented to your browser on a phishing site that targets a particular company, you will notice that other phishing sites that target the same company have similar characteristics. This is because, more often than not, the sites are deployed using popular phishing kits. The code within the kits is quite simple, mostly consisting of a web form that does the dirty work, along with image files and static content. The kits are often distributed amongst the phisher communities on message boards, and at times sold or traded for money or identities.

    More here... http://tinyurl.com/yu2pyg