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Fcuk. Steering related

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Manny, Apr 18, 2005.

  1. The retarded retard who owned the bike before me crashed every two seconds. considering the fact that he and his ugly daughter (who also rode it) were fat, when they fell i guess those fu cking rhinos fell hard.

    I figured all i needed to do was rebend or replace the bent handle bar, and it'd be fixed.
    Well, i just had a better look than i usually do, and realised I was wrong. The whole front wheel is totally and utterly out-of-mother-fcuking-line.

    Now to the question, what's the likely solution? are motorbikes easy to reallign?
    will it be bent forks that will cost $$$$$$$$$$ to replace or will it be a simple matter of undoing the clamps up the top and fiddling around?

    :evil: god damn me for buying broken shit all the time
  2. just off the top of my head I'd be looking for bent forks, and have a look at the whole stearing head for cracks. Try sighting down the triple clamps and see if they look straight and in alignment with each other and see how the forks look.

  3. :shock: 8-[ :-#
    Don't hold back... tell us what you really feel!!

    Oh, and I hope they're not netriders :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

  4. i hope they get cancer
  5. I wouldn't hope that on anyone. My wife is just getting over her second fight against a brain tumor. It's not pleasant.

    But then.... that's your point eh!

    What type of bike? I think Deyago's right tho, bent forks seems logical.

    I wonder if it's possible the forks are straight but miss-aligned? might be able to loosen the triple clamp and re-align???

  6. ok, quick fix that i've used a couple of times when missa has come a cropper in the middle of a ride:

    find a gutter
    line the bike up next to it
    push the wheel away from the gutter
    bash it into the gutter till its facing the right way again

    now i know this is precicion mechanics at its most intricate, but i firmly beleive that anyone is capable of anything if they put their minds to it :D

    the forks on the gpx twist around fairly easily in a small stack and its pretty easy to twist it back. i dont know how many times you can get away with this before the forks get out of shape, but it happened 3 times to malissa's bike and it still has no troubles....
  7. Hold front wheel against a wall. Push down front suspension hard....any resistance/ noise/ scraping etc.? NO?
    Good, losen the clamps (both, top and bottom), straighten by sight, nip the bolts up again (usually about 20-35nm depending on bike, DON'T overtighten and bust the clamp)

    Noise? bent sliders, get fresh one from the wreckers?
  8. If that does not work (and if theparts are not that much out of wack it should) you might have to get the frame streighten, tripple clamps and the forks... and that can set you back some $$$... A mate of mine has a frame streightning frame?? but I don't know if he stil does it... There is a mob in Ferntree gully that specialises in this sort of work but I have had mixed raports about them some good some bad... they fixed my rear wheel on the VFR to about %99...
  9. Tis Bob Martin in Ferntree Gully I thinks.

  10. thanks for the info everyone. i tried the "lock wheel with legs, bend handlebars with arms" technique.. ill give those bastid clamps a go, then try the gutter technique.

    sorry Iffracem - hope she recovers very well
    i say shit like that to be abbrasive when i'm angered, my bad.

    Fixing bikes is expensive. Ive run out of money for now...soon i will get 3k cash tho (i am a p0rn star on the side *not really : (*) then my bike will LIVE!
    Then of course i will go pro and become the new rossie at age 19. great idea huh?
    I wish I'd ridden as a kid : (
  11. There is a guy over at Revesby (sorry I can't remember the details) that specialises in precison realignment of motorcycle frames.

    Give them a ring and find out the details.
  12. Before you loosen the triple clamps, mark where they are. If you loosen too much... they might drop! More frustration soon follows...