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Fck The RTA

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Unconnected, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. So after two hours wait today, i finally get served by the dimwits who staff our motor registries so that i can transfer my interstate license from the ACT and pick up a NSW one.

    I got my Ls on the 29th of June, and because i moved out of the ACT several moths ago, i never went down there to get my Ps because i decided that i should just wait till i get my NSW license and do the test up here, because surely i will be able to do the test straight away considering ive been riding since ****ing june 2011.

    But no, i went online to book my MOST test just then, and apparently i ahve not met the requirements of my license, i then looked at the date of expiry of my Learner license, and what do you ****ing know, it says it expires one year from today.

    So now i have to wait another three ****ing months to do the Ps test so that i can wait another three dam years to get a non restricted bike.

    **** the RTA and the stupid, brain dead foreigners that work there.

  2. Are you suprised?
    They really are beaurocratic tossers!
  3. Call them. I would have expected that you'd get a Learners for 12 months and that the NSW system doesn't know you held your ACT license for the period you have.
    I'd think you should be able to book the MOST soon directly through them but you'll need to check.

    One thing they do say is "You should discuss your licensing options with the motor registry staff, however, as you may be eligible to undertake a driving/riding test on your interstate learner licence." http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/licensing/newtonsw/interstate_drivers.html
  4. Aw that'st too bad. I was sympathetic to the plight of a two-wheeled bro until I got to this part. Now I can't help but hope you run into many more bureaucratic hurdles that leave you riding along disgruntled on your 250cc machine for months to come, just out of spite for ignorant people who would rather attack others based on their ethnicity instead of taking responsibility for the situation they find themselves in.
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  5. LOL, when I went to the RTA (many years ago) to transfer my NZ licenses over, the woman who served me was Maori, so I didn't have to do any tests at all. - Full bike and car licenses, straight up!
  6. Ha ha... Suck it up sunshine! Hey, if you don't like it, call talk back radio, you'll find plenty of sympathy there if you're ragging on some "other" that can't defend itself.
  7. Its the foreigners fault that you didnt transfer when you moved?
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  8. Blaming and abusing others for something you did or didn't do is not cool.
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  9. Why did I click a thread that swears in the title? I knew nothing smart could be lurking behind it...
  10. No such luck when I went the other way around. The book that the AA use didn't have my license code in it so they wanted me to start all over again.

    The Kiwis wanted me to get a letter stating how long I'd had my license and what kind of bike it allowed me to ride...
  11. Go back to ATC, do the test and bring the license back up with you and transfer it then?
  12. Some advice about RTA's.

    Some will always be busy and some you will nearly always be served in 5 mins. There are enough around to find the less busy ones.
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  13. I don't think it is actually the person serving you which is at fault in your particular situation.. Serving two people in a span of an hour might be - especially if they decide to sit there and do paper work while the place is filled with people waiting to be served.

    If it is any consolation.. My P's were reset twice because I lost my license (twice) before I could finish 12 months of being on P's for riding (all points related for speeding... I mean traveling in excess of posted speed limits in the cage)

    So in the end, I was stuck on my P's for the bike in excess of 3 years (factoring in suspension periods) before I could finally flick the P plate into the distant horizon for good. Imagine my reaction when I rocked up to the RTA (aka RMS now?) only to be told, you haven't served your 12 months provisional term yet!

    But I never blamed the chap that had to deliver the news.. I was furious with the system!
  14. ok i apologise for the moderatly racist remarks at the end of my post. i was pretty mad.

    im about to call them, i know there is almost no point as they took my license off me (cheers guys, i wanted the souvenir of my time in canberra but oh well) and i dont think they are just going to take my word for it.

    oh well i guess.

    EDIT: @smiledude, i dont know where you live, but in my part of town we have three, and two of them are constantly busy and the other one is in manly which means you need to sit in traffic for two hours to get there anyway.
  15. Luckily for me the two closest ones to me Botany and Marrickvile I've never waited longer than 10 mins. Suprisingly the city one on Elizabeth st isn't that bad either.

    I used to live up your way and I know how hell the Chatswood one is. I would suggest next time you have to deal with them go to Botany, it is about a 20 min ride from Cremorne but it could save you 2 hours.
  16. ^^^ Warriewood is normally a 1~2 hour wait for anything unless you snag a good time like 9.05am which may reduce the waiting time to 10~20 minutes... Manly is much worse!
  17. never waited more than 10 min there.
  18. I have one in Hurstville.. (5 mins walk) One in Beverly Hills (5 mins ride) , one in the city (5 mins walk from work).. One in Rockdale (8 mins ride), one in livo (2 mins walk from mates place) :grin:

    They're everywhere!!

    I reckon I could go get a ticket number thingy at each and decide on which one I want to go to :rofl: ... ahem.. maybe not...

    Rockdale is the longest wait for me, with hurstville being the quickest, under 5 mins when i get there early on Sat mornings
  19. Good news, after calling both ACT and NSW RTAs ive managed to convince them that they should let me do the MOST test this monday.

    just goes to show that if your not angry and talk normally to people you generally can get your way.

    Though i do hope they send a memo to HART, i really dont want the instructors to turn me away because it says i got my license yesterday. But oh well ive paid for it so im doing it.
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  20. Still got housemates in the ACT? I'd transfer your address back there for a while, or better yet a state with no green Ps at all. Other states may be cheaper on rego as well. Just gotta make sure you have people you can trust to keep an eye on the mail.

    Are you over 25 and do you have a full car license? If so you can skip the green Ps mess in NSW anyway.

    Edit - ok sounds like you've got it sorted. No bodging required this time.