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FC-MOTO failure

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by dima, Apr 23, 2013.

  1. Hi guys,

    Short story: I paid $389 to fc-moto on 17/04/2013 but still have nothing from them. How do I contact them?

    Long story:

    - 17/04/2013 - placed the order and paid. No any confirmation email, invoice etc. Nothing at all was received (and yes, I did check the spam).
    - My bank account was charged.
    - The status if the order was "In process" and hasn't changed since.
    - Contacted them first time on the 18th. No reply yet.
    - Contacted them 2nd time on 22nd. No reply yet.

    Tried to find a phone to ring them (if they don't speak English I'll ask someone to talk to them for me) but the contact page doesn't have it:

    I am a little disappointed, but I know many people bought staff from fc-moto and hope this is an exception rather than a rule.

    But what are my options?
    Do I only have to wait? Can I get my money back somehow and cancel the order (paid via CC)?

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  3. Reading other forums you may have to wait up to eight days for a response:(
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  4. Yeah they're known for communication issues, not sure if it's down to the language barrier or laziness.
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  5. Thank @ParkerMax for the phone. Your google-fu must be good :)

    I asked my wife to call them (she speaks a bit of German) and everything is ok with the order. They are waiting for the products (should be by 29th April) and then another week or so to get it delivered to Oz.

    They also speak descent English and said they actually replied to my questions and sent the confirmation email too. Curious where those got lost...

    But whatever... at least I know it's all good now.

    Thanks guys for the help.
  6. Great news! Glad to be of help. It'd be silly if they didn't speak English as a company that ships to most English speaking countries.

    'The Google is strong in this one.'
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  7. Maybe you or they just got the address a little wrong or something.

    Parker, you'd think so, but I've emailed them about stuff before and their answers were barely comprehensible.
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  9. yup, the folks at FC-Moto do speak and write and understand English quite well.
    I have emailed them concerning my orders a few times, and they always responded quite promptly (within the next business day i think).
    But they do take awhile before they send out the order for some reason, I think I waited for around 10 days from placing the order before I got an email from them stating my order has been shipped out.
  10. fc-moto take about a month normally to ship stuff. I've bought a few things from them. I guess its what you put up with for their prices!
  11. Their orders can take up to 30 days to arrive. You normally receive an automated confirmation email of your payment & order being received and that your order is in process. When the item is posted you get another email saying it is dispatched - this can take a while if they don't have it in stock.

    The email normally comes from kontakt@fc-moto.de, when I last ordered 6 months ago.

    It's impossible calling them - the phone is rarely answered.
  12. Fc-moto is for convenience, no order minimum. If an order is over 300 maybe use revzilla?