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fc-moto de warning. [moved from general discussion]

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by AusSteve, May 1, 2012.

  1. To anyone considering using this company please read my experience...
    In my experience I would say they are, at best, totally incompetent & at worst dishonest. I am in Oz & ordered 2 helmets on Dec. 18th. 2011. I got a confirmation e-mail back straight away telling me my order "'is in process''. Then nothing, after about six weeks I e-mailed them as my card hadn't been debited and on 16 Jan this

    "" the helmets are not on stock they arrived in March. We send them as soon as possible when we get them."" I graciously advised them that I would think it normal to advise there is a 3 month wait when taking the order!! On March 15 I e-mailed again asking what was happening, mainly because they had asked me to rate the purchase I hadn't received! On March 24 I receive Hello,

    We have send your order.


    Big on words hey? They also attached a DHL tracking number. On 20 April I e-mailed again because the status on the tracking number hadn't changed. I also e-mailed DHL who simply sent the tracking number back? On 26 April DHL (Deutsche Post) told me that tracking number had left Frankfurt on Feb. 18th. bound for Auckland New Zealand!! On 27 April DHL (Deutsche Post) told me they have not processed that package???
    During that period I was variously advised by fc-moto de that 1) my package had been sent, 2) ''DHL need a few more days to update the tracking info on their website, that is why we say 14-30 days delivery ''(this was after 38 days & the tracking number status still hadn't changed since March 24th) !!! 3) "'Your order is in process''.
    Then May 1 I get this, ''please excuse for waiting. Your order is in process. We donĀ“t have this Items in stock, they are ordered by the producer. We will try to send as soon as possible, when the Items arrive us.'"

    Want to think I'm ticked off, you bet. I have written them & invited them to explain their continual dishonesty & what the tracking number was all about. I have lodged a claim with Visa and, dependant on fc-moto's reply I will decide whether or not to demand a refund from them. The helmets are a good price but this mob is major shonky. I would certainly warn you to avoid them!!!
  2. Re: fc-moto de warning.

    Why did you order them from overseas? how much cheaper was it? Also will you be wearing it on Australian roads?
  3. Re: fc-moto de warning.

    Had a similar situation with my boots from them, they sat as "in process" for a few weeks (without being charged) until I emailed them. They said the boots werent in stock, I replied that they were when I ordered and they magically found a pair. Still spent over a month in the hands of DHL themselves though, your stuff should still arrive.

    FC moto's prices are actually quite low, even after you factor shipping.
  4. Re: fc-moto de warning.

    You get what you pay for.
  5. Re: fc-moto de warning.

    I buy nothing from Aus for my Bikes and never had any problem. Just unlucky
  6. I got some boots I ordered in a month after pressing them, then another four months to get some kneepads.

    Their prices are unbeatable - you have to weigh that up against the slow delivery and the feeling you're communicating with a chimp when you contact customer service.

    Don't buy from them if you have a deadline.
  7. I've bought boots and leathers from them no problem. slow delivery but waaay cheaper
  8. Re: fc-moto de warning.

    Hey Phongus, price is $797.92 for two helmets delivered here in Aus. Check it out, it is a good price...if you can get them to do what they say they will??

    Yes I will (would) have been using them on Australian roads, and without going into the whole debate about standards again, there is enough info on different threads here to keep you going for a few weeks.
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