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Fazer 600

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by addy, Oct 4, 2008.

  1. I'm soon going to make my fazer alittle more "mine". But can't find anything about mods for a fazer. I have the 06 model where the pipes fallow up under the rear sub frame and exit under the seat.....(whats the term for that?)..So i'm not sure about new pipes for it.

    Also because i can't afford another bike to use only once every few months for track days i'll just take the chance and use the fazer. I'd seen a race version fazer 600 and was wondering where i could score the race version front fairing. If i dropped mine i'd rather not smash the head lamps, indicators, rear veiw mirros and windsheild. But if i had the race version that only holds the intruments, tacho speedo etc, i could just get away with duct tape if i dropped the bike.

    Is this idea viable or silly? If viable would swapping over the front fairing be relatively easy or a mission imposible?

    otherwise i want to customise the fender eliminator.

    Any ideas people? Never modified a bike before.
  2. Undertail exhaust.

    Few things.. aftermarket pipe, nice air filter, fender eliminator, xenon bulb conversion (proper ones eg. philips), rim stripes maybe, pc3 and custom map, -1 on front sprocket (probably very good idea on your bike as its geared too high IMO), double bubble screen maybe, possibly tinted, carbon fibre bling, ohlins/similar rear adjustable shock, revalve front forks with valve emulators for adjustability, better brake pads, great rubber (eg. pilot powers), braided brake lights, etc.
  3. I'll chaise a pipe for sure, i've been told by one of my mechanics that the sport air filter can do more harm than good..? i'm not qualified to comment so i'll leave it there.,

    The bulb conversion and the braided tail light sounds good,,never thought of that. I've actually already got pilot rubbers. Will try to find a fendor eliminator. What will the -1 on the front do to my top end? She already can't go beyond 240. I know saying "only 240" sounds dumb...but i have to keep up with my mates Gixer 750.

    ..no idea what the rest of what you mentioned is.. Thanks for that,,,i'll jot it down and go searching.
  4. If your gunna take it to the track
    Oggy nobs on the frame on the bars
    Also u can get an aftermarket speedo/tacho $230acewell that u can take to the track cause the oem one is hell expensive to replace.
    As far as fairing go youll have to search around. Most fiberglass fairings can be modified pretty easily to fit alot of diffrent bikes, migh have to pull a set of another model and tweak it.
  5. thanks for that...i'll hunt down the parts and add up the cost. If it gets close to 4k i'll scrape it and buy a track bike.