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Favourite wog food

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by goz, May 9, 2013.

  1. Everytime we bring up wog food in a thread it seems to bring up good discussion, so what's your favourite?

    I can't go past lamb on a spit wog style ufff, but has to be straight from the spit, can't be sitting for a while


    Mouths drooling just looking at it :)

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  2. Prefer a pig on a spit myself. Nice juicy crackling, sweet pork. I'm salivating now too.

    Not so much wog as lebanese, but the garlic sauce - the type that tastes just as good coming up the next day.
  3. Empanadas and lomitos for the win. I know South American isn't necessarily considered wog. But I got in huge trouble once for suggesting my Australian born Chileno missus wasn't a wog.
  4. Kebab. Lamb is best, but any meat with loads of garlic. Fresh made flat bread is important too.
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  5. lol i had to google that, looks good

    who u get in shit from, the mrs?
  6. So frigging good, the lomitos in Chile are unbelievable.

    Yep, when she says to someone "Wogs like us growing up" it is really not a good idea to go "Babe South Americans aren't wogs".
  7. haha I've always called the uruguay's, chileans, argentinians wogs, european wannabes aren't they? Same as spanish people :D
  8. Why limit oneself to one meat? A mixed plate from any decent Lebanese joint will have charcoal beef, lamb and chicken skewers, hummus, babaganoush, tabbouleh, garlic sauce and pickled veggies. Yummo.

    PS That lamb spit looks amazing though. Have always wanted to have one at a BBQ. Alas, apartment living.
  9. I am yet to eat any wog food I didn't like. As to my favourite, well I don't really have one, maybe Greek or Italian.
  10. Lamb on the spit, basted with a thick brush of rosemary dipped in olive oil, lemon juice and garlic. Geezus I can smell it....
  11. is this a dinner invite?
  12. Yes I learnt this the hard way.

    There is also a surprising amount of german influence from Nazis fleeing after WWII. You can get the lomito covered in sauerkraut.
  13. OK where can we try that stuff you mentioned in Sydney? I'll give it a go
  14. Luv my wog food.
    One of my fav's is slow roasted roma tomato's with garlic, basil, chilli, capers and anchovies. Ya wrap that in prosciutto and lightly sear on a BBQ..Fargen Dalish I call it.
  15. looks like fairfield store getting good reviews, will try it
  16. Lamb on a spit is pretty good.

    A nice young kid (as in goat!) is even better.
  17. This, had it once when one of my friends dads greek friend put it on for his going away party. Best meat I have ever had served up to me, nothing has come close since ... I WANT IT AGAIN!!!!!
  18. Anytime Aly, anytime, sadly tonight is just lamb chops, even my lamb chops arent worth the trip :bigtears:
  19. Well I do have a sweet tooth, Can we have this after the Lamb?
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