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Favourite style of bikes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by FZR600, Jan 21, 2005.

  1. Hi all,

    What are peoples preference for bikes?




    Personally, i prefer a modern bike as everyday transport, but wouldn't mind having a 70's or early 80's bike as a weekend ride.
  2. I do love the look of a lot of retro bikes, but my preference is definately for modern bikes.
  3. love streetfighters. i reckon they got everything going for them, they look tuff as, got the high powered sportsbike specs and best of all, they dont look much worse when they get dropped :LOL:

    no two fightered sportsbikes are alike, i love that :D
  4. Naked sports (Z1000) or big supermotard (Duke, MulitStrada) for the road, sports bikes for the track :)

    Mind you I like Retro's as well, guess I'm just too easy to please ;)
  5. Definitely like the naked Streetfighter, look tough and not bent over like a Rossi tryhard. Also have a soft spot for the retro as well, money no object give me a Speed Triple and a Bonneville T100.
  6. DEFINATELY Naked Bike with VERY minimal fairing....

    Just like my women.... NAKED with thigh highs.....
  7. As you ride a GSX14 you must like your women heavy with a large capacity?

    Says a lot about ya Mitch :p
  8. Yes, the GSX1400 is mine... But the women have all been slim and tall and LOVE wearing thigh highs.... prrrrrr :eek: :LOL:
  9. roflmao!!!! pmsl!!!

    mmmm z1000 yum yum... but you gotta love the sports bike yummay '05 gsxr1000, that special edition '05 r1 looks bloody sweet and the litre honda has a bit of bite in its looks too. ooooh i cant decide.
  10. I like some modern bikes, but I tend to like them as sensible bikes... and that doesn't excite me much. So I might buy a modern tourer or sports tourer, but I'd buy it because the choice made sense.

    Some older bikes (not all) OTOH tend to make me think Yummm or Phoarr or Want one of them!

    There are even a few modern bikes that manage that, like the MGS-01 Guzzi and the Apprillia Tuono and a Buell or two.

    The Guzzi V11 and the Kawasaki ZRX1200 keep me happy though :)
  11. I love the modern day bikes.. and have been mostly into fully faired (when I had my SV650S I put a lower on it :roll: :) ) ..but I must say some of the nekkid bikes are appealing to me...the Triumph Speed Triple, some of the BMW's...

    Skuffy.. I worn CFM's on my bike once..never again! Too hard to gear change.. oh, you were talking about being on the baaaaack.. :p :D
  12. I like all of the above... it depends on what mood I am in

    Lisa :twisted:
  13. mmm... slick shiny fairings... the more the merrier, and I wear my scratches like a badge. (can you tell I've never dropped it badly enough to do $$$ damage? :roll: )
  14. sports bike for me ,but the z900 kwaka will always stay a big fav with me.
  15. sports cruiser for me. kwaka 1600 mean streak. Best of both worlds :D
  16. its got to be a sports bike for me, i reckon the 03 & 04 ZX6R's are the meanest looking bikes on the market, love that ram air intake between the 2 headlights and its got a wicked induction roar :twisted: :twisted:
  17. Showing my age, but I like the current line of retro Triumphs, esp the Bonneville "america"

  18. Hmmm. Probably a sports-tourer if I had to buy just 1 bike, but lots of other bikes push my buttons:

    MV Agusta (either Brutale or F4)

    ZX-10 (love it!)

    Triumph Daytona 650

    Z-1 (must've watched Stone too many times)

    Benelli TnT

    Speed Triple

    Rocket III (would never own one, but I like the fact that they exist!)
  19. Favourite style of bike
    Only one way to do it......nekkid
  20. What did we do before retro? Oh, I remember - we rode the bikes that retro rips off.

    I love 'em all, but I love 'em more when the bike tells me something about the rider. There are lots of great bikes, but few came out of the factory that way (special mention here for the Velocette Venom - there is NOTHING on that bike that should be altered). So my favorite is a special. Chopped, cafe'ed, rat, streetfighters all look great once the factory grey porridge is rinsed away and the rider has stamped his/her personality on the machine.

    In fact, I suspect that with the judicious application of the gas-axe, some carbon fibre and a scrounge through the wrecker's yard, even an Across isn't beyond redemption.