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Favourite sounds

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MyoMan, Apr 10, 2015.

  1. Whether it be the sound of a certain bike; the sound of your own; or the sound of anything at all.
    For me a couple of things stand out. When I hear a bike go down Point Cook road and I hear the rumble. Or if I'm riding down a slope, engine braking and I hear that sweet spot in the exhaust.
    A good down shift gets me hot and bothered. Especially from 4th to 3rd for some reason.
    What are your favourite sounds?

  2. Mine would have to be my CB400 hitting VTEC when I've got the silencer out of the exhaust. Goes from a deep groan to an angry roar!
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  3. The sound of my dreams.

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  4. The hiss as you open the first beer on a Friday night
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  5. I love all bike sounds. :)

    Especially Vance & Hines..

    And the beer thing as well.. As Jem Wrote.
  6. The metallic whir into engine growl of a triple....

    And the sound of opening a beer - "I said psst, I love you." - Homer
  7. Biased of course, but nothing beats the sound of my VFR with the whine of the gear-driven cams and the howl of the Staintune pipe..
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  8. I love the sound of Magpies in the early morning. :)

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  9. I love the sound of my 6 cylinder Valkyrie. I had thought about putting some Cobra exhausts on it but while I love the extra noise I still prefer the standard pipe for the long distance riding I do.
    My other favourite sounds are the rain on my tent and the first bit of bacon hitting the pan, sizzling away, with that lovely smell of fried pig(y)

  10. If this does nothing for you check that you still have a pulse.
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  11. A worked 308
    A cammed, triple carbed red six
    My xvs with short shots
    The quiet when my mrs isn't talking
    Slayer's Seasons in the Abyss cranked up while I'm cruising
  12. Kinda sounds Porsche-ish, as you'd expect for a flat-6.
  13. ...Which reminds me, favourite sounds:

    etc, etc.
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  14. That low moan & the gasp of breath when my tongue hits the sweet spot

    You did say any sound :playful:
  15. A guy I ride with occasionally has that setup, sounds glorious at full noise and even at idle. I'm somewhat partial to the sound mine makes when I'm flogging it through several gears or that moment of relative silence when timing a clutchless upshift perfectly. The sound of a bottletop just released bouncing off a hard surface. The sound of a sparkling wine cork bouncing off the roof or whatever the bottle was pointed at, fragile glass objects sound particularly good ;)
  16. All those old guys, the man in the cap especially, remembering their youth for a few fiery minutes, what a beautiful clip, thanks for posting it!!!
  17. My favourite car.
  18. Womble, I'll see your 28.4 litre and raise you to 42 litre!
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  19. I live in semi suburban Wollongong and wake up to the caroling of magpies every morning: one of the many reasons why even thinking of moving back to Sydney would fill me with dread..
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