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Favourite riding roads

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by rc36, May 11, 2005.

  1. Forgive me if this subject has been discussed before I joined, but I was wondering what are people's favourite riding roads, and why?

    Great Ocean Road?
    Arthur's Seat?
    Can we have some suggestions?

    For mine, my favourite ride, although I've only done it twice, is the back road from Walcha just off the Pacific Highway, to Uralla on the New England Highway. The sign at the bottom of the mountain says "65 km Winding Road" and it means it. The road is lightly travelled and unbelievable fun.

    Try it, you'll love it too.
  2. Mate, you are just crying out for an OFARC membership.

    But, since you ask, the Putty Rd between Cessnock and Wollombi.

    Of course, roads aren't as good as they were when I was a.................. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  3. If i've got a whole day then nothing beats the road betwee mansfield and whitfield (aka Whitfield rd) and also the Great Alpine Rd

    Best local road is Reefton Spur
  4. pardon my ignorance, but...

    what is an ofarc???
    (I'm probably going to be sorry I asked that)
  5. Putty Road at Wollombi?

    being a local old son, you should know that the Putty Road runs between Windsor and Singleton, and then turns into the New England Highway, surely? I don't know the name of the road between Cessnock and Wollombi, but it sure isn't the Putty, I lived in Denman for 8 years and rode the Putty more times than I could count, and Yes, It's great, lots of variety, good surface, light traffic and the Fabulous Ten Mile just out of Bulga
  6. Re: Putty Road at Wollombi?

    Your dead right mate. I'm thinking of the Wollombi Road. Yep, yours is probably better.
  7. The road from Swansea to Campbletown (Tas east coast)
    Nice road, buggerall traffic.

    Sideling (Launceston to Scottsdale-ish)
    From my place to Cygnet and back, can get a bit busy tho.
    and all the roads I've been told about, but haven't got around to trying yet.

    I know the Walcha road your talking about rc36, haven't ridden it yet, only been through there in a car. Bloody nice bike road.

  8. Ahh...even though I am now far, far away from it...THE OXLEY HWY!!!
  9. oh dear

    I KNEW I shouldn't have asked....
    Oh well, serves me right, I guess.
    BTW, I agree about the Alpine Highway too, Up over the mountains from Omeo, fabulous ride!
  10. Bairnsdale to Lakes Entrance. Nothing quite like 40 minutes of dead-straight with a few speed cameras to really focus your attention!
  11. Where would one start;
    Buchan - Orbost
    Heyfield - Licola
    The road up the Melbourne side of Mt Alexander (near Harcourt)
    The roads up to Mt Hotham, Mt Buller, Falls Creek, Mt Baw Baw.
    Any of the short cuts to the Great Ocean Road
    Most of the roads around Daylesford & Trentham.

    I've got a heaps of others but they involve gravel and a company car :-$ \:D/
  12. Cant bleat the black spur for an afternoons blat after work.
  13. any road leading away from work is good for me, but favourite ride is Warragul to Leongatha and back thru Loch and Poowong
  14. Kinglake West to Flowerdale. :D
  15. nice little piece of bitumen just off Back Beach Rd near a little town called Cowes. :wink:
  16. umm, don't mean broke road do you? from broke to wollombi - take the right at broke to go to cessnock, left to hit the putty?
  17. from mossy to albian park rail, nice twistys, called maquarie pass for u viccies
  18. Know the road rc36Honda was talking about at the start of the thread. Went both ways on it on the ANZAC weekend, 244 Km from Raymond Terrace ( just north of Newcastle) to Walcha, another 42 Km to Uralla from Walcha.

    Called the Buckets Way from the Pacific Hwy to Barrington then the last 130 kays to Walcha is called Thunderbolts Way (named after a local bushranger). It's the first 60 kays after Barrington which is the best and is known by a lot of bike riders as there is a sign at the start which states,

    Bike Riders this is not Eastern Creek please slow down and take it easy.

    Or at least something similar, looks a road works sign, black writing on yellow. Nearly fell off laughing when I first saw it, must remember to take the camera next time to get a photo.

    Two warnings for anyone that wants to ride this road.
    1 Watch out for the wildlife, plenty of wombats and kangaroos, both which are deadly on a bike.
    2 About 40-50 kays from Walcha is the favourite hangout for the local PD Hwy Patrol boys. Its just before the turn off to Nundle.
  19. Well, this weekend I intend riding some of my favourite roads. The plan includes doing St Andrews -kinglake - toolangi- Healesville-Black spur, Eildon-Jamieson, Mansfield-Whitfield, Talangatta-Granya Gap- Jingellic, Elliott Way (the back way to Cabramurra.. awesome climb) Snowy Mtns Hwy to Adaminaby, a back road from Adaminaby to Tharwa (near Canberra) - I haven't done it before, but I'm told it's good. Coming back will be a little more boring, but I'll get in the Cooma- Bombala -Cann River run, and take a few diversions off the Princes Hwy getting home.

    GOR sucks unless you can get it early on a weekday.
    Black Spur has too many cars who use too much road.

    If I'm out for a quick spin, I go Diamond Creek - St Andrews- Toolangi- Healesville- Myers Creek- Kinglake - St Andrews and home.

    If I have a little more time, Anderson's track from Lang Lang to Poowong and the hills between Loch and Archies creek (inland from the Bass Hwy) can occupy a nice half-day.

    The road to Dargo is a hoot.

    Everyone should ride the Toowonga gap before they die.