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Favourite riding music?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Scooter_Timmy, Jun 26, 2009.

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  1. I know it is sometimes frowned upon, but there's nothing I love more when on longer rides than having my Ipod with me while zipping down the highway etc.

    Of course I never listen to music while in the city or in built up areas where sound is the second most important sense. I'm talking about longer trips out of the urban areas. :wink:

    Tell us what music or band you love riding too? I love my early pop/rock and love some classic No Doubt, Nirvana, Garbage etc. Always good fun, light music to keep you pumped on the long rides.
  2. On the rare times that I lsiten to music whilst riding I usually put on The New Black by Strapping Young Lad. Great riding music :grin:
  3. music on all the time.

    recently bought every single album led zeppelin ever released plus a few unreleased on itunes....

    getting heavy play at the moment
  4. Generally i don't like to ride with headphones (i prefer earplugs) but on the odd occassion that i feel a bit naughty... Disturbed, POD, Offspring, Bad Religion, NOFX etc. etc.

    Needless to say road raging is much more tempting at these times hence why i avoid music whilst riding :LOL:
  5. The sharpest one :wink:
  6. Rage Against The Machine, usually on the way to work.
  7. Don't you find music too distracting?

    I was driving the other day and decided to do my trip (in the car) narrating the upcoming hazards (guy ahead is gonna merge erratically, uturning car seems impatient, etc) to myself, as some good practice for riding in similar traffic... my current favourite song came about half an hour in and half way through the song some old cook nearly changes lanes into me :( , I'd totally stopped paying attention to the hazards and could've had an accident from on it (not with me at fault, but on a bike that's not relevant). As such I won't ever ride with music (my personal opinion, not trying to force it onto others :wink: , just want to know what you guys think)
  8. It's true music in a built-up urban area is probably not the wisest move, but I was mainly referring to the longer rides on the freeway, and highways etc where there are far fewer hazards and angry cagers.

    You only really have two senses while riding: sight and sound. So listening to music pretty much disables half of your senses. I tend too focus more on longer rides with music compared to not having. It keeps me alert and gets me into 'the rhythm' better. At least for me anyway. :wink:
  9. I dont listen to music while riding; I find it takes my attention away from what I'm doing (riding!), and actually makes it less fun, as I'm concentrating on the song, not the ride.

    Anyway, if I wanted to listen to music while travelling, I'd take my cage. :p
  10. I keep my music at a low enough volume to still have my wits about me. Still doesn't mean i like doing it.
  11. One the odd times when I have music playing - Pink Floyd.
  12. i dont like riding and listening to music either i loose consentration plus i like the music that comes out back end of the duc :grin:
  13. I like to listen to my clutch to

    Normally a playlist with Black sabbath, iron maiden, metallica, a perfect circle and tool.
  14. A State of Trance
  15. Old school gunners is great, you get an awesome rush as you come into a set of twistys & You Could Be Mine comes on!

    Rage Against the Machine & Audioslave are good bands for riding to, bands like Meshuggah & The Dillinger Escape plan I really enjoy too, but there's a time & place for those (ie freeway).

    Stuff you can listen to in the background without it taking away too much of your attention seems to work best for commuting for me. I try & put a different album on every morning too.

    If you get it right, it can really put you in a great mood, & if I'm in a great mood I tend to ride better, especially if I am not OVER thinking about riding, just thinking the right amount. YYMV, naturally.
  16. Completely agree with you there MV.
  17. I listen to music all the time, unless it is a short trip to the shops. Agree that sounds is important to be able to hear so i went and got some in helmet speakers and keep the volume down were i can still hear (to the point i can still talk with someone). As it is low i don't tend to notice when riding but more when stopped at lights. As for music, pretty much anything other then heavy medal.
  18. A triple, a V-twin or a V-four.
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