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Favourite Loop or do u mix it up?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jphanna, Jun 15, 2010.

  1. People,

    When you get an opportunity to go on a leisure ride, do you stick to your favourite loop or do you like to mix it up?

  2. I think you'll find that many riders are hesitant to post up their favorite loops due to the unwanted attention it brings.
  3. i understand...fully.
  4. Depends on time. If I have half a day, yeah, do a known loop, if I've a free day/weekend, go somewhere new!
  5. I like mixing it up & exploring new roads. Maps don't do them justice. But like MV if it's a short ride then will stick with what I like.
  6. I'm with hipster... but when I'm really hankering for a mind cleansing ride and four hours to kill, a loop to Daylesford for coffee and chocolate and back sees me ready to continue with life.
  7. Just for the sake of your license (potentially) edit your loop out of this post. You don't want to be the rider responsible for the HP turning up, do you?
  8. Settle on the paranoia boy racer.
  9. ofdhifnvoifbijibjfdijifi bin ijgireijedioe

    the weather is lovely
  10. My favourite loop is hardly a secret; Macquarie Pass, Wildes Meadow Road, Kangaroo Valley, Cambewarra, Nowra, Kiama, Jamberoo and home.

    If I have the time, Old Pacific, Wollombi, Putty Road, Oaks Road, Picton, Home

    As for paranoia, I have no problem posting this up as I don't do anything to draw the attention of the Police; boy-racers with loud exhausts do, however, which suits me fine :LOL:.
  11. likewise :)
  12. Can't...it's just too much fun...

    Also, Paul, I'll have you know that my exhaust is ful sik and the cops are just prejudysed
  13. After 30 years riding around Sydney be nice to find something I havnt ridden,come to think that goes for Queensland to South Oz
  14. Hey boy.racer.....

    You might want to edit your post/quote to remove the loop now that the OP has taken your advice...
  15. Ah, but that would make him NOT a tool! 8-[
  16. Oh shi- somebody actually took my advice...

    For future reference, my sig is my disclaimer. :)
  17. My favourite loop is good old cruise through the Dandenongs.

    F*** the paranoia. Not everyone who rides is out there to set lap times. :roll:
  18. My local lap is a good one, but I love the north coast and, if I have the time, I get there every chance I can. From memory, I think I've done the Walcha/Oxley tour at least 4 times in the last year. :)
  19. I'm thinking about taking a few days off soon to go up north and do the Bruxner hwy Tenterfield to Casino and camp by the Clarence river, ever been that way RC?
  20. #20 [FLUX], Jun 15, 2010
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    Neither are these guys, but they still got stung: [media=youtube]G54Bus6bBhk[/media]