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Favourite gun of all time

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by vmaxer, Feb 16, 2012.

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  3. Heheh, I'm not sure I'd count those in a list of favourite guns hornet, maybe favourite artillery
  4. You're right. Sadly, too, these mighty pieces never got to fire in anger; both these monsters were stung to death from the air...
  5. One of my favourites, USS Iowa firing a 15-gun broadside

  6. [​IMG]

    30mm GAU-8, here shown without an A10 Thunderbolt strapped to the back...
  7. I've fired a Ppsh41. Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay firearm. Pretty accurate and controllable, even with the high rate fo fire, but I think the PPS43 was a better option for the Russians. The Ppsh41 is pretty neat as it embodies the mentality of the Russian military of the time. Rugged, cheap, heavy, inaccurate but sprays rounds everywhere.

    My favourite would be the L1a1 SLR (Hornet, did you fire that?) or the SMLE. The SMLE has been used everywhere - from hunting game in African, Germans on the Western front, the Germans from the Western fronts son in Italy, the North Pole, Western Sydney service stations and so on. The symbol of a declining empire and an age of workmanship of timber and steel that doesn't exist anymore.
  8. Sadly? FMD
  9. I like your style QuarterWit, the PPSH-41 has to be one of the greatest weapons ever made. I like Russian weapons, simplistic and so effective. My Grandmother was a Polish (English communist party) Jew who spoke 4 Languages, Polish, Russian, German and English (Just in case you are reading PatB, yeah brother don't ****en lecture me about the Jews)

    Kak pazhivayete? / Kak dela?
  10. Where can I get one ?
  11. I looooove the SLR. When I was in the Army Reserves in the mid 80s to early 90s, it was the standard weapon for infantry. I left just before they brought in the Steyr. The other one that was a hoot on the range was the M79 grenade launcher - the Wombat Gun.
  12. 1972, Kapooka Army Base, Basic Army Training, the SLR was the best .762 rifle ever built, way superior to the Armalite, in my opinion...
  13. I've got one. A 1969 1500. Oh - you mean the gun?
  14. Wal.mart.
  15. Have to agree with you on this one, but you got the "." in the wrong spot they were 7.62 :angel:
    I personally prefered the original triangle type stock on them too.

    Now hands up who used a match stick in the selector to get full auto at least once =D>

    I still rememember our 1st lesson .... Hold onto the gas reg as your releasing it, see the dints in the roo ..... yup that what happens [ as at least one flies out hitting the roof LOL ] The only downside was the matched pieces, at least the armalites you could interchange the working parts.
  16. :LOL: my rooomate and I were both techno types so the first night in camp we laid a blanket down on the floor of our room and pulled our SLRs down to the last nut and screw, immediately following which the Platoon Sergeant entered the room and nearly had a heart attack! We assured him that everything was OK and proceeded to re-assemble our weapons. He made us promise under the threat of death that we would never do it again. Needless to say, we never did :LOL:
  17. I carried an L2A1 for an Annual Field Training one year - it's the AR (automatic rifle), which is the fully automatic version of the SLR. The front stock was a fold-out bipod.

    I was in a University Regiment and we had the slowest officer cadet in the world getting his platoon attack ready. I was in the section providing suppressing fire. We were told to keep up the rate of fire, and as time moved on, the AR got hotter and hotter. We were only using plastic blanks, and in the end, a blank separated with only the back half being ejected. One dead AR, it had to be sent back to the armourer.

    The SLR was much better than the M16 too, in my opinion (7.62 vs 5.56 though).