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Favourite five grand sports bike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by 4lex, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. I'm still on the 250 (ZXR) for the next six months, but I'm thinking I might be better off buying in the winter, so I'm after some advice as to which proper bikes to check out.

    The ZX2R is physically about as small as I could comfortably ride - I'm 187cm and 108kg.

    I'm after a fully faired, 4cyl sports bike, and one that could arguably take a pillion short (half hour?) distances. My priorities would be braking, handling, comfort, performance, fuel economy in that order.

    Grateful of any suggestions, not fussy on engine size, but thinking at least 600.
  2. What about a VFR, or is that too much of a sport-tourer for your taste?
  3. Alex, go a VFR, does everything well......
  4. Although I guess a 5-grand Viffer will have been fairly well-used. They seem to retain their value pretty well.
  5. The older CBR600F - before they became weapons - might fit the bill.
    ZZ-R 600, RF600 older YZ-F 600 (Thundercat). Plenty of choice out there.
    VFR would still be my pick, though. Get a pipe for it!
  6. if you're patient you could save another 2-3k, i was looking at the yzf600's in the 5-6k mark but i'm working hard to have 8k to spend, for the extra 2thou you get a bike 4/5 years younger and a fair bit sexier :) (i can't wait, i'm also upgrading like you in june/july)
  7. I would get a VFR at the drop of a hat.
    And not just for the sound...

    ... oh alright, just for the sound :grin:
  8. Yeah the ceebeearr600F or ZZR - both built for comfort and reasonable for pillions. I'd throw in the Suzy RF600 and RF900 as well, they're around very cheap now and then but all reports say they're great machines.
  9. My ZX6R 96 model cost $5300 ( from memory) 2 years ago and it had 20 something thous on it. Bagster tank cover, Yoshi can. great condition. I would still get nearly 5 for it now. You have to like colour though cause all of the ZX6,7, and 9s from the late 90s are VERY funky. Kinky binky reckons my bike looks like a hippies combi van.
  10. yeah, but Clive, VFRs go on forever, there's an article in BIKE (UK) magazine about a courier who's ridden one for 800,000 MILES! (Changed the motor at 400,000, due for another one now!)
  11. Thanks all - pretty unanimous thus far! VFR implies a V4 motor - how're they for smoothness? I had to discount the v-twin 250s I tried (GPX, ZZR)because I didn't like the excessive vibration.

    How are they for size, physically? I sat on a CBR600RR recently, which nearly disappeared up my arse - well maybe not quite that bad, but the distance between seat and pegs was far too short for comfort for me.

    And what's to know about the F4i? Guessing that's a straight 4 with fuel injection (that's probably why stunt riders like them?).

    I'm not too fussed about well used, I'm pretty handy with the spanners and happy to spend a bit of time fixing up a dropped bike if I can get one at the right price.

    What about bigger stuff? Quite liked the ZX9R I had a go of recently, but I guess they're probably out of the five grand bracket?

  12. wrecked monster....+ another 4 grand to get it fixed :) (what I did)
  13. :grin: VFR would be the go for sure.

    If you can find a good 90 model (ang they are about) at about $5k they are tops. A Staintune highrise can is $650 for them and they sound soooo good.

    Best bit is they will do about anything really well and did I mention that sound :?:

    If the weight bothers you, the CBRs are a great choice too, but good ones sell quick, ZX6R's 1995+ are good too.

    Another less common option is the FZR600 if you can find one, cheap bike and lot of go too, I had one as my first 600, bought it for $4100 in 1999.

    I thought my old one was a demon... :twisted:
  14. VFR & Vibration;

    I rode a '92 model a few years ago and it was fine. The V4 motor just hums along.
  15. Thanks for all the replies. Excuse my asking, but I'm wondering if the VFR choice is in fact a no-brainer, or have I stumbled into a room full of die hard VFR fans?
  16. No, I ride a Hornet 600 naked bike, but my brother has a VFR and I've never heard a bad word said about them on this forum, or none that I can remember :grin:
  17. Suzuki RF900R

    One of the most underated bikes still.

    I had one for four years and still regret selling it!
  18. Aww c'mon Hornet, I'm sure I've bagged VFRs in the past - but probably only because they're Hondas and therefore, by definition, suck :p :LOL:.
    Edit: Seriously though I'm sure I've read a few posts by people who weren't exactly fans of that stupid VTEC system.
  19. VFR is a sensible choice:

    - great value for money (sure they're getting old now, but will last forever, and the same price as a sports 250).

    - They do everything well. Regularly do 500km round trips on mine. Not the most comfortable as they are a sports bike, but you'll still be able to walk after a fe whundred kays, unlike more recent stuff.

    - The sound of a gear-driven-cam V4 with a pipe. Got to be heard to be believed!

    - It'll improve your riding skills no end with their confidence-inspiring handling (admittedly, most could do with a suspension freshen up due to their age)

    - The build quality is fantastic considering their age. Everything goes back together exactly as it should, no matter how many times it's been pulled apart.

    - Did I mention the sound?!

    Although I may just be a little biased...