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Favourite car under $80k

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by davidp1984, Jan 17, 2013.

  1. So what's your favourite car under $80k?

    No criteria apart from price.

    Also list why it's your favourite.

    Just for fun.
  2. Does it have to be new? second hand prices throw that out the window.
  3. Cant think of anything under $80k thats does it for me. Cars that is, plenty of bikes but.
  4. I'm pretty happy with my SR5 Hilux. (3.0 TDi)
  5. assuming new, 370z and the wrx hatch. Both are cars that I would own in a heartbeat given the opportunity.
  6. I quite like the Abarth revival that seems to be happening so if it were a new car, one of them and spend the change on any go faster goodies that may be around.

    If used comes into the equation, I've seen at least one Morgan +8 around that budget so I'd have that instead
  7. Toyota 86. Very light even by japanese car standards
  8. No criteria apart from price.
  9. Sub 80k?

    I'd probably have to say an M3, could step into a 348 or 355 Fezza.
  10. BNR32. Because Godzilla. I just love the look of those things.

    EVO VII -> IX.


    A little bit gay, but the Renault Megan 250 whatsit is actually a rather quick car.
  11. What ever car my wife has chosen most recently.

    Currently a wee Skoda Roomster 1200 turbo 7 speed DSG.

    I actually quite like it as it has plenty of room for bottleshop trips, and I can fit at least one of my bikes in the back.
  12. I love my 1990 MX5 convertable, with pop up headlights :) but I wouldn't say no to a Maserati Spyder ;)
  13. 2012 Nissan Patrol Ti GU 8
  14. I've driven most of the current sporty options with the exception of the new 86 (I'm waiting for the convertible to come out), but honestly didn't find any of them interesting enough to be worth buying. So my choice would be what I currently own, a 1990 SW20 MR2.

    It's fast enough to be interesting without risking prison, and has the benefit of being reliable and cheap to run (which certainly can't be said about a lot of classics, particularly Italian ones). More importantly though is the fact it has no power steering, no traction control, no ABS, no stability control, no auto or flappy paddle shifting, or any other crap like that. So anything that car does is 100% up to me. That's what makes it infinitely more interesting through corners than any of the current offerings I've tried (of course being mid-engined certainly helps too).

    If I need something practical, I'll rent a ute/truck for the day.
  15. If I had $80k to spend on a car HERE I'd probably get a VW Scirocco R.

    Back home, I'd get an Audi Allroad, probably, since I'd want the AWD.
  16. Lotus Elise! (Or an exige if I could find a cheap one)
  17. I like the way you are thinking.
  18. Try driving one in traffic, or even just on a typical pothole strewn public road. :eek:
  19. New - Lotus Elise or Elfin Clubman

    Used - Ferrari 348 or Dino, Maserati Cambiocorsa, M3
  20. WRX STi
    Love the sound of them, and after owning an older model WRX i'd love to be able to get back behind the wheel of a new one.