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Favourite bike clips

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Black Magic, Feb 28, 2007.

  1. This may have been done before but I thought I would share my favourite bike clips...anyone else have a good one? (I hope this link works)

  2. Ahhh....motorbike racing......bring it on!!!
  3. Havent seem the clip yet, sorta got distracted by the photo gallery. :grin:
    I didn't realise your age. :shock: (thats a good thing)
  4. Thanks pat :wink: ...but did the clip work anyone?? :grin:
    I will post another one when I get home.
  5. Yeah, it is working. My work connection seems slow today, it was taking too long. Will have a look it it tonight when I get home.
    Saw the first 10 seconds before I got distrasted. :wink: There didn't sem to be any sound.
  6. Forget about the sound comment. I just realised my laptop was muted. :oops:
  7. I will check it when I get home- the music is fabulous...hope it works.
  8. Work blocks Photobucket [​IMG]
  9. Thats a awsome motogp clip. great soundtrack. :cool: :cool:
  10. That Moto GP video clip was awesome. :grin:


  11. There is a lot of talent there!!

    Awsome!! :LOL: :LOL:
  12. Old clip. (repost). :p
  13. Finally looked at it. Great clip & sound BM. :grin:
    There is an old clip about the 500cc gp that I like too. Tryng to find it.
    But most people have probably seen it anyway.
  14. Loove that MotoGP_Animals clip :grin:

    The dancing biker was a bit of a laugh too - especially the self spanking :LOL:
  15. Those links don't work. :cry:
  16. Ok, found the on that I was thinking of, I had to upload it to my webspace.
    As I said before, it's an old one (moto gp 500cc) and plenty of people may have seen it before.
    I dont care, I still love it. :p

  17. That was great. Excuse my ignorance, but would it be fair to put the solo "get offs" in 3 categories; 1.) fall off (leaning too low},2.) "tank slapper & 3.) " high sider ". Any comments from anyone would be appreciated. I'm trying to perfect my crash techniques, in the past I normally drop it if it looks I'm hit a car (depending on the circumstances) Iv'e lost a couple of mates who went airborne. Also letting go of the handle bars at some point seems like a good idea.

    Regards Denis. :shock: