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Favourite Actor/Actress of all time - 1 ONLY

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by doonx, May 20, 2005.

  1. Who's your favourite Actor and Actress (dead or alive) ?

    You can ONLY pick 1 of each. Your first answer is what counts. I know this makes it very very hard, cause we all like more than 1 in different movies or roles. But if you HAD to pick 1 and 1 only, who would it be and why (if possible) ?

    for me it'd be :

    Clint Eastwood
    Jodie Foster
  2. Okay, so both of mine are dead:

    Gregory Peck

    Audrey Hepburn

    Jodie Foster come in pretty high on my list though Doonks, pity she's a _____ (don't want to offend anyone...)
  3. edward norton

    brittany murphy
  4. eddie murphy - BEFORE ALL THAT DR doolittle, and haunted mansion kids shit I'm talkin beverly hills cop, and 48 hours stuff.

    Female ? uh it differs every year whoever looks the best in near nothing at this particular time I guess. .. . . probably well she was an actress even though she hasn't been recently Delta Goodrem dead set gold ... If your out there baby, holla at me :wink:
  5. hrmmmmmmmmm......

    arnie (he was in predator AND terminator, how can you top that?)

    and jessica alba can beat the bejeezuz out of me ANY time she wants..... FWOAR!! :D
  6. can you tell i watch movies/tv shows for their 'depth'? LOCK AND LOAD, BRING ON THE PAIIIIIIIIN!!! :LOL: :LOL:
  7. Tricky one....

    I'll go with

    Guy - Edward Norton
    Girl - Pete I agree with you, Audrey Hepburn is just great

    Got to say though that Jodie rates pretty low on my list. I know, technically she's a great actress but she just doesn't do it for me.
  8. "Hello Clarice..."
  9. Dang....

    Guy :- Johnny Depp

    Girl -: hmmmm......so many to choose from!!
  10. I thought we weren't supposed to call girls actresses any more. Aren't they all 'actors' nowadays?

    Anyway, girl - Ingrid Bergman (her eyes make my knees go all wobbly).
    Boy - Gene Wilder (brilliant)
  11. Brilliant!

    Johnny Depp - Good call!
  12. Him....Kevin Costner...underated but a spunk none the less :shock:

    Her.....Kelly LeBrock....do you really have to ask :wink:
  13. Look, I understand that everyone is entitled to their opinion, and on that basis no-one can be wrong. I get that. But Kevin Costner ????????

  14. You asked dude..all I did was reply......not what you expected?
  15. John Holmes............what an act!
    and Marlene Dietrich.....no female has got close (if you know what I mean)
  16. no, not what I expected :)

    One word Lodger : "Waterworld" ...........
  17. bwahahahhahahahahahahaa waterworld :LOL: :LOL:

    nothing could redeem you for that :LOL: he's going to HELL :LOL:
  18. Strike 2: The Postman
  19. strike 3 - The Bodyguard

  20. For me, Harrison Ford (for Bladerunner, if nothing else)
    and Michelle Pfeiffer, for Tequila Sunrise, and The Fabulous Baker Boys