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Fav Innercity Road

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by YellowHornet, Jul 25, 2005.

  1. Hi,
    I'm interested in everyone's favourite inner city road, for riding at night.

    I enjoy the Yarra Blvd, but there are no street lights, so everytime I ride, I have a vision of a bunny rabit jumping out in front of me.

    I live in Moonee Ponds (Melb North West). My favourite road recently is the City Link heading south, off at Footscray Road, round behind Telstra Dome, back on to the westgate and then the big sweeper as you head back onto the City Link (heading north).

    There are many traffic lights on this route, and sections have speed limit of 60kph. But I still enjoy it, I don't want to (or can't) set any speed record, I just want to develop my cornering and ENJOY my ride.

    Do you have any fav road you wanna share? I'll ride them if they're close to Melb CBD.


  2. I like the sweeper on Citylink heading South off the Bolte Bridge towards the tunnel. There are two lanes there. A lot of cages tend to take the right lane in preparation for merging and slow down. The left lane can be free. Its pretty fast through there.
    As you say the sweeper heading onto the Bolte Bridge coming from the Tunnel the 270 degree sweeper is magic, especially if there you are in a group of bikes. Its almost like being on a race track.
    Going through the tunnel with a group of V tiwns is also pretty aural too. :D :D :D
  3. The Beach Road from St Kilda to Mordiallic is nice on a summer night. :D :D :D
  4. The sweeping S bend from the Bolte to the Westgate is pretty special, good radius and surface, can be a little tricky damp but when dry so nice to do.
  5. I ride around that bend every day on the way to work. Look out for deisel spills on it. I have been caught out a few times but managed not to crash.
  6. Anyone enjoy the S bend under the railway line on Dandenong Rd between Glenferrie and Burke?

    Traffic lights and traffic are the only hinderance but more often than not you can get a clean run through. (And if you choose the outside lane for your entry point then there's plenty of time to pull up if the lights are red)..

    Not really a favourite Road, rather a section, but hey half this thread has been about the corners on and off the bolte ! :)

  7. Agreed.
    Just about all the exits etc to and from the Bolte.

    Luv the sound of the twin thru' the tunnel too.

    Around Albert park lake..

  8. Thats got my vote as well.
  9. Beach Road from St Kilda to Mordiallic, and the monash is good for a bit of a blast to the city and back...
  10. for the benefit of someone that has never had the misfortune of coming across a diesel spill, how do these happen? i'm guessing that trucks are the culprits but how come?
  11. Have you tried The Boulevard near the north end of the Yarra Boulevard off Heidelburg Rd?

    Just follow the Yarra Scenic Drive signs and you'll find it.
  12. Its better the other way, westgate onto the Bolte.

    Same thing coming from the eastern burbs through the tunnel and then take the Power Street exit to head into Friday Coffee. And a similar deal going up Hoddle St and turning left onto the 360 degree loop to get onto Heidelburg Road. Also the new Hume Freeway exit off the western ring road is nice in either direction.

    And if no-one has mentioned it, albert Park is quite good fun with its tight corners and fantastic road surface.
  13. Every now and then some moron forgets to put the cap back on the fuel tank. The fuel mosly only slops out on corners :-(

    Diesel is a *lot* more slippery than petrol.

  14. when they overfill their tanks and it slops out through the breather. I think

    So many idiots so few bullets
  15. when they overfill their tanks and it slops out through the breather. I think
  16. If you get a clean run the S bend at the northern end of Nicholson St Brunswick - where it turns into Albion Street - is good. Unusual to get a clear run though...
  17. This is just sad. :cry:
    Yeah, there are a couple of corners here with the potential for a second or two of fun. But seriously - can we not do any better than the odd freeway off-ramp?
    Now I know we live in dark times and cannot just light up the suburban streets as we'd like, but surely there is better than this!
    Here's some ideas:
    - Alexandra Ave between Grange and Williams
    - Yarra Boulevard Richmond
    - The boulevard, Ivanhoe (East of Burke) - bit rough tho'
    - Farnsworth Ave/Fisher Pde Maribyrnong
    - Elliot Ave Parkville (short but sweet)
    - The Strand, or Battery Road, Willy
    - Orrong Crescent Caulfield North
    - Lakeside Drive Albert Park (I know I know)
    - Lorimer St/Todd Road/Cook St Port Melb

    I mean, C'MON!!
  18. Thats an understatment and a half. Much better to head west of Burke.