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Fav Brand of Riding Gear

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by ametha elf, Nov 26, 2010.

  1. Does anyone have a favourite brand of riding gear that you stick with, or do you just buy a mix of everything? I've found after much trial and error that Joe Rocket is the brand I really like, their sizing is good, clothing comfy.

  2. I have a mix of everything tbh.

    Spend more on helmet jacket etc, spend less of items that I will wear less like full on wet weather pants.
  3. Had been wearing an RJAYS leather 2pc suit. It fell to bits, literally, both pants and jacket returned under warranty numerous times because they glue the leather together, and the stitching is very poor quality. In fact their suits are 'pieced' together with small bits of leather rather than large sections cut to size, their suits really are SHIT and uncomfortable compared to...

    My awesome Dainese Leguna 2pc suit. So damned comfortable, a lot cooler and very durable. Leather is 10 times the quality of RJAYS shit, had I known back then, I would have spent the extra $1000 on decent leathers.

    This goes for Rjays helmets too. Bought it on a budget, performed like a budget buy - what a shitty, noisy, heavy helmet. Now using an RSR2 Shark Carbon. Awesome.
  4. I like my Dri-rider gear but also have other brands.

    Thomas cook boots, on my third pair
  5. Arai + Alpinestars or Dainese
  6. Whatever's in the bargain bin :D.

  7. Is Rjays so bad ?

    its owned by mcleods is it not ?
  8. I'm impartial to shift stuff personally. Could be because it's what I wore back in the dirt days of my teens, I know it's not a top end brand, but it's well priced, reasonably solid, and I just like the cut of their jib.
  9. Having bought a lot of crap gear when I started riding I'm now replacing my jackets, pants etc with Tiger Angel. High quality, locally made, very exxy new but cheap on e-bay. For boots I like Sidi.

  10. Look at any RJAYS leathers and you will see it is pieced together with "bits" of leather. It is quite obvious how they source their shit.

    Sure their helmets are made by KBC or something, but they are just junk...
  11. Motoport,I have a pair of the GP2 Licra Kevlar pants,easily the best gear around.
  12. Agv-sport gloves,two dri-rider jackets, Rossi and Dri-rider boots,Bikers Gear Aust Mesh jacket,RST wet/cold weather pants...yeah a mongrel mix of affordable,functional gear.
  13. Alpinestar, Dainese, Spidi, Shoei.

    A* for boots. I insist on comfy boots, I have thin feet - this is the only brand that caters for this - I was interested in the sidi boots, but it seems my size is only available in their womens range which looks horrid.

    Dainese & A* for leathers - I have a 2 piece A* and 1 piece Dainese suit - they seem to be the only ones that make a quality product for my body size - long legs, and roomy in the chest.
  14. Icon loose fitting pants help me display my bum crack.
    but hey, if you've got it, flaunt it baby.

    serious answer would be +1 for Joe Rocket.. not because it's the best, far from it... but because it's actually propper gear designed and manufactured for riding a motorbike at very cheap prices.
    the Aus importer went bust ages ago but our dollar is strong so meh.

    if true, that Rjays leather suit as described by smokae is an absolute disgrace.

    be very carefull when buying any leather apparel;
    because it's all made up of many pannels of leather stitched together; the seams are extremely important.
    leather itself is naturally resistant to cuts, tears, abbrasian; so if a leather garment fails, it will fail at the seams.. and the better brands do batch test the strength of the garment at the seams.
    the fewer joins and seams the better, but also usually the more expensive the garment...and only use genuine full grain leather.

    construction is critical in all motorbike apparel... you don't wear it for how it looks... you wear it for how it performs if needed.
  15. Sidi Vertigo boots - Brilliant!
    A* sp2 gloves - nothing really wrong with them but the quality didnt blow me away
    Rev'it! 2 peice suit - Brilliant!, if a little tight
    Shoei XR1100 - Brilliant!
    Shift Dyer Hybrid jacket - this is my favourite peice of gear, and it only cost me $260, shift makes very nice road gear.
    Rjays textile jacket - shit
    KBC VR2R reaper helmet - shit, paint flaked off plastics and seals around visor come loose.
    Draggin Jeans - Brilliant!
    Icon Superduty summer gloves - Brilliant! - second fav piece of gear
    Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa tires - Brilliant!, love love looooove these tires

    So yeah, all mixed :p
  16. that is a good size for a woman =D>
  17. I had an RJays helmet, Draggin jeans and Dri-Rider jacket and can't complain about any of them because when push came to shove they all did their job in holding me together when I was hit by the truck. My AusPost issue Rossi boots weren't put to the test but the no-name gloves were only good enough to protect my skin as the broken finger will attest.
  18. I love my Daineses - shit all over anything else you can buy. Definitely worth the extra coin! Their gloves are pretty terrible and hard to find though so I bought A* ones instead which are bloody good (GP Pros). I also have A* boots which are very good
    I love my Shoei helmet too :)
  19. speed & strength "twist of fate" leather jacket, icon field armour stealth boots, cortech adrenaline gloves, RJAYS helmet. Also have draggin jeans but i've put on a bit of beef and they don't fit comfortably anymore.
    Everything was bought to be 'budget' (ended up with a leather jacket coz it was 20 more than the joe rocket jacket i was lookin at). Definitely intend getting better gear in future, but for now my riding is 15km a day so what i have works well

    personally i'm not a fan of bigger manufacturers eg a*, the quality seems to be no longer there, and the after sale service is long gone
  20. Mostly I have bought Dainese, but any BMW rider gear I have bought is really good, especially boots of which I now have 3 different types. The BMW Airflow jacket I bought last year has been really great in hot weather.