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Fav bike pics - Please post your own!

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by JoeyPav, Dec 18, 2008.

  1. Some of my favs:






  2. What kind of shots were you after?

    Below are a few i have taken here and there............they are favorites all for different reasons.

    Hopkins doin his thing............

    This shot is of "gixxersrules" pulling a standup wheelie on one of the best pieces of road around..........

    This one was taken on a trip up to Corryong, i was pillion and a female friend is on my bike behind the leader. ( bike in the middle ) Mar 2005

    And this guy just loves doing his Superman trick :cool: Dec 2005

    And this one is the same bloke above ( photo NOT shot by me )
    Thought i would post it because i love the lean angle :cool:

    Cheers, ratty
  3. Hey great pics guys, keep em coming

  4. Whatever bike pictures you like... Action shots, funny shots, great bikes, anything.

    Go for it :)
  5. Guys can you edit the photos so that the longest side is no greater than 800 pixels wide? Es has a small monitor :LOL:

  6. wow ratty, i still remember that pic and conversation/story you told me of that Corryong ride, man was i in awe of that story, and you blokes and riding ability.... actually still am :LOL: can't wait to ride with you guys again
  7. Taken at PI in 2006 with my 6mp 300D and a crappy tokina 400mm lens at 800 iso as it was about to rain.

    [Mod: Image deleted - too big. Use Image posting facility when posting]

    [Mod: Image deleted - too big. Use Image posting facility when posting]

    [Mod: Image deleted - too big. Use Image posting facility when posting]
  8. Surely a few members have some photos to share?

    Speak of the Devil, remember this shot?
    ( stewy and firefling heading out of Bright towards Mt Hotham )

    Below is "Tiga" ( aka Aprilia Girl ) Heading home from Bright on another road trip.

    "Firefling" ( aka Minna the tour organizer :p )
    Cant remember what ride that shot was taken on.

    "Realm" ( aka Faye ) taking in the scenery along the Tambo River.

    2007 Champ......> GO! STONER

    Cheers, ratty

  9. I quite like this photo of me riding my boyfriend's KTM520.
  10. Ok, I'll play.These where all taken on last decent ride I did couple of Xmas's ago to with a mate from UK. Melb-Brissy and back.
    NSW somewhere. Taken pointing camera over my shoulder

    Hows the serenity :LOL:

  11. No1... I will have to try a few over the shoulder shots, never thought to do that actually, i always point forward to compose the photo :)

    No2... Love the serenity, but you could have removed the plastic bag from the fence before taking the shot :p

    No3... Love the 3rd shot also, good composition.........

    Well Done,thanks for posting.