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faulty tyre pump warning

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by POPEYE, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. just a warning to all to check your equipment!

    i found out on the week end that i have been using a faulty tyre pump pressure gauge

    last time i checked the pressure guage it was +/- 2psi. i checked it the other day it was -12 psi!

    that means for potentially the last 3x months i have been riding around with dangerously under inflated tyres, wondering why my 600 with perfectly good sticky tyres has been handling like an obese warthog!

    i actually thought i was squaring off the tyres, it was only once i finally got them to the correct pressure that i noticed how round & even they should look.

    the handling wasn't too bad in the twisty's once you got some temprature in them, but the handling was horrible during normal riding, sliding around roundabouts on perfect surfaces & in perfect conditions, i am sure this contributed to my recent low slide & i blamed the poor handling on my loss of confidence!

    getting them back to the correct pressure was a huge relief, the bike handles brilliantly & i can stop blaming Bridgestone

    anyway i hope this is a lesson to others to check your equipment, i.e. torque wrenches, pressure gauges, etc, etc
  2. I am an instrument fitter by trade, and I can assure you that 90% of tyre pressure guages are incorrect. This is why I lol at people who think they go to a servo and adjust their tyre pressure +/- 1 psi.

    Get a good pressure guage and keep it with you if you are really concerned. Never trust a servo guage.
  3. hows that Supercheap digital tyre guage?


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  5. Id hazard a guess and say that most people wont be too concerned about minute accuracy......................but say if you are, what type of gauge would you be looking at and how many kids would we need to sell lol?
  6. If you pay up around the $50 mark for a dial guage type unit then its probably going to be accurate to within a few percent. Not sure what brands are really good for the consumer market, but I would go with the bigger names like Jameco Pem or Moroso or anything with racing thoroughbred.

    Commercial guages range anhwyere from a few hundred up to a few thousand, hardly worth it.
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  7. Yay cant wait for my Moroso 0-40psi gauge :)..........................this unit should be pretty handy with my cars as well...........$65 I think is a great buy.

    Thanks TRA. I didnt know much about Moroso but everyone seems to agree that their tyre pressure gauge is a top quality product.........