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Faulty Throttle Position Sensor (TP) hack (GSX-R1000 K1)

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by fred_kroft, Oct 16, 2005.

  1. Hello All,

    I had a faulty TP sensor in my 2001, GSX-R1000. Here are
    some technical notes on my findings--


    The local Suzy dealer wanted $180 for a replacement, which is
    day light robbery IMO. So, I hacked my existing sensor, and
    I'm looking at designing a replacement.

  2. Nice one dude.
  3. woo-hoo, 21st century problems and good old-fashioned lateral solutions!! Congratulations, mate, well done!
  4. The local suzy dealer accidently added two zeros to the price ;)

    I'll probably just get a tiny jiffy box from aztronics and maybe
    a good quality pot from RS Components. The jiffy box will
    mount striaght onto the throttle valve.

    Moral of the story-- Don't just hand over your $$$$$ to the dealers.
    Especially for passive electronics. Passives like regulators and sensors
    can be made for a fraction of the dealer price and will probably be twice
    the quality too.

    If they sold their sensor for something like $30, I would pay. ... but $180
    is way above my pain threshold ;(

    cheers ;)
  5. i'm still getting over the cost of a custom computer

    dont suppose someone wants to lend me a gsrx1000 so i can build one... my bike is carby :p
  6. Bugger spending $180 on a pot, that's absolutely ridiculous. Good on you for having a crack at an alternative.