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Faulty Speedo...

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by davidp1984, Oct 1, 2011.

  1. Hoping for some help diagnosing the problem.

    Bike = 2000 honda CBR600F4 (Carby)
    kms = Approx. 33000


    About 3 weeks ago the speedo started to play up. It would just stay at 0 for about 5 minutes into to ride but then it would kick in and start working for the rest of the trip. It has progressively gotten worse in by taking 5-20 minutes to start working. This has also caused the odometer to not work correctly (I keep track so I know when to fill up).

    Bike has gone in to a shop to fix this problem and to get a service done.

    The mechanic said that when the bike was up on the hoist it would work fine but once it was on the road it was doing it again. They also said they checked the sensor (I'm pretty sure that what they said, third person translation happening here) and that was working fine also.

    Outcome was that they couldn't diagnose or fix the problem.

    Also on the way home the temperature gauge started to play up. It would sit at half way while stopped but once you go over about 20km/h the needle would go up to hot, sort of like acting like a speedo. (the bike wasn't overheating). So I'm putting this down to natural progression of the fault.

    Any ideas of what could be the problem?

    tl:dr - Speedo, Odometer and Temperature intermittently not working, any ideas?
  2. you've got me, once it isn't a crook cable and it's electronics, I'm lost :LOL:

    but given that BOTH the problems are in the instrument panel, I'd be looking for a dud connection there, at least to begin with
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  3. My suspicion, although without evidence, is moisture inside the instrument cluster causing intermittent shorts. Or alternatively a poor ground (-ve) for the cluster.
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  4. Since it is a problem that is starting to affect multiple instruments
    it has to be something common to both of them.
    So my first thought would be to check the ground on the instrument cluster.

    Further thoughts go toward the fact it works fine on the hoist.
    Are they actually running the engine when it is on the hoist?

    I could very well be the quality of the voltage supply when bike is running.
    Hondas are notorious for having voltage regulators that go bad.

    Do you have access to a multimeter, or even better a friend who knows how to use one?
    If so check the voltage whilst the engine is running, and see how (un)stable it is?
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  5. Yeah, they said that one was on the bike running it while the other one (Mechanic) was checking.
  6. Exactly what my brothers and I have been thinking.
  7. *UPDATE*

    It was a faulty sensor. 2nd hand sensor fitted and it all works fine. (Speedo and odometer)

    The temperature gauge only displayed the problem for about 2 days after the service, hasn't done it since. Putting it down as a hope it doesn't come back fault :)

    Very happy with Bikesmith in Blacktown. Friendly, fast, patient and cheap (considering the amount of work they did on it). Will be taking my bikes to them from here on in.

    *Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with Bikesmith.
  8. thanks for the update.
    glad you got it sorted.