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Fathers Day OPH

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Mactype, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. Today for some father/daughter time I took my daughter on the back of the 848 along the OPH for breakie at Road Warriers. We had a lovely morning took it easy and enjoyed the spring weather.

    Coming back southbound about halfway up the climb we had a guy pass us in the RH lane. I watched as he came into the corner far too hot and used both the right and left hand lane to apex the left hand sweeper. Hmmm, he's keen I thought.

    We rounded the apex to see his bike down and laying in front of a car that was traveling in the opposite direction and had luckily stopped just before his bike. He appeared ok and was coming back to try and pick up his bike. With people in the car getting out to help I saw no point in stopping and frankly with my 14 year old with me I felt it was more dangerous doing so with nowhere to park.

    So if your reading this hope your ok but you were riding far too fast for your skill level. an exxy lesson.
  2. yep live and learn
  3. lucky they live to learn..........take care peeps
  4. Sounds as nice as the little asian girl L plater I saw riding fair slow and rather close to the gutter around a corner today on her CBR125, She seemed very low skilled, I wont blow my horn I just got my P's, the deal for me who rides in fill gear all the time, She was wearing a nice fleecy jumper and ****ing short shorts, she did have nice legs how ever. But really, WTF
  5. Learner at bald hill on saturday on vtr250.
    Shapely. Leather jacket, tights (possibly riding tights, but still, tights), boot type platforms that came to a few inches below her knees.

    I wasn't complaining.
  6. Last Saturday on the Ol' Pac I saw a few Father/Son | Father/Daughter combinations but one stood out at Road Warriors as a "WTF were they thinking"...

    Father/Daughter - daughter (guessing she was a 10~12yo) in cotton hoodie, peddle-pushers (just past the knee), slip-on canvas shoes, over/wrong sized helmet and no gloves. Father managed a leather jacket, jeans, gloves and boatie style moccasins.

    Who'd be irresponsible enough to put their child on a bike with skin exposed (bare lower legs and no gloves)?