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Featured Father/Son Tassie 2016 Trip

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by luke_vfr800, Oct 8, 2016.

  1. Hi Guys and Gals,
    My father and I are having bonding holiday(after losing my mum to cancer recently), we are going to tassie on my VFR800 and his XV1100. We plan on going in an anti clockwise direction from Devonport(Strahan first). We aren't making any rock solid commitments as to where we will stop each night, just see how the old man holds up during each day haha.
    i have read a few great article on here from members who have done this ride but was just wondering if there is anything else we should make sure we do whilst there ?
    we are planning on being there for 7-8 days not including the ferry ride over and back.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated..



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  2. Take it as it comes and enjoy yourselves.
  3. What a great idea. You both will remember this trip forever. Take it easy and enjoy some of the old pubs and B&B's along the route. Tassie is designed for touring.
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  4. The 3 times I've toured tassie never once made any plans just wing it you will never forget it!
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  5. sounds like an awesome trip, tour and enjoy :)
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    Have fun
  7. Plan your days each morning. Watch for gravel roads intersecting your tarmac as the gravel spreads across the road and doesn't get swept by cars often. Check out the 2016 Tassie Trip thread on here that we did back in Feb this year... lots of ideas!
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  8. Very sorry to hear of the loss of your mum and a great thing for you and your father to be doing together. As others have said you will have a great time. In Straun it is worth having a day to take the boat up to Gordon river. Also if you are interested in Steam trains there is a great little train called the West Coast Wilderness Railway which runs through some spectacular scenery. The roads in Tassie just keep on giving and it is a magical place for motorcyclists. The site has a couple of threads from people who have done the trip and also some resources such as:

    Motorcycle Road Guide to Tasmania

    Definitely do the road to Strathgordan as a day trip.
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  9. Luke, sorry to hear about your mother. Your plan is a good way to take time to reflect on her life and what it meant to you both.

    Don't miss the Lake Leake Road from Campbell Town to the east coast (or maybe better the other way). I've always enjoyed the Hobart to Orford run too.
  10. Just back from 8 days over there with my son. We planned day by day to try to avoid the rain. Great riding roads everywhere & plenty of other things to do IF you really want a break from riding. Looking forward to doing it again. Enjoy.
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    Sorry for your loss Luke, been there. Great trip for you and your dad, it will mean more to him than you think, my son has just got his license and one day I would love to tour with him, however he is in Brisbane at the moment and I'm in SW Vic, my daughter wants her license too, the best feeling when you, as a parent is when your adult kids want to do things with you, this will mean the world to him, enjoy your trip
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  12. Don't miss the motorcycle museum in Bicheno. It's small but crammed with beautiful bikes from the past and some more modern examples as well. Enjoy the trip.
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  13. I recommend from launceston down the east coast. The sidling is not a bad bike road and gets better from there.
  14. sorry about yr loss. take a picture of yr mum with you in yr back pocket. she will be yr pillion. safe travels.
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  15. Sorry for your loss mate. This will be the best thing ever for you both. Take your time to enjoy the scenery. Sure to be toad works and stuff after the rains. Lots of lovely roads. I've done a few trips with my son and Tassie will always be one of my favourites.
  16. Thanks for everyone's advice and tips. It definitely will be an emotional trip for the both of us.
    Is there any suggestions for accommodation whilst in Tassie ? Motel, B&B, caravan park etc ? We are planning on booking accomdatation for the night each morning.
  17. Country pubs are generally very good value. Caravan parks generally have cabins you can book.
  18. +1 on the country pubs and cabins. Cheap motels are ok too at a pinch. What time of year are you planning to go? The months from November to March are fairly reliable. Add a month either end if your feeling lucky. May through to September can be really iffy.

    If you do want to plan a little or even just get an idea of what your in for check this web site. http://maps.thelist.tas.gov.au/listmap/app/list/map
    Top right of the map under "Basemaps" lets you toggle between different map types as well as satellite and aerial photography. Top left under tools/other tools is google street view. It should prove useful.
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  19. If the weather is with you on the western side, go from Queenstown up to Lake Plimsoll, and down to Roseberry. Amazing road and scenery.
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  20. We are actually leaving next Monday after the pink ribbon ride on Sunday !!! Weather is supposed to be crap but I guess that's all part of it !!!
    Also is there any great advantage of taking the coast road to Melbourne from Sydney ??? Apart from the boredom of the highway
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