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Father and daughter motorcycling adventures! + What's your experience?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Banga, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. I have to say growing up in a family that is not averse to motorcycles and if anything strongly supports it, was quite a beautiful experience.

    Now that my daughter turned 8 what makes riding all the more fun is that fact we can go for father and daughter rides together, already been on a few and so many to come in the years to come :D

    Such things make life worth living and all the more fun haha

    Most of our rides have been small, but we will progress soon into something a little bigger and more adventurous so to speak.

    Always looked forward to riding with her, but its just so surreal it actually happing and the fact that she loves it so much, she doesn't want to get off the bike.

    Curious as to other parents who have kids, or have had kids really into motorcycling and what your experiences were with it?
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  2. My oldest daughter cannot wait until she turns 8 so that she can come for a ride with me.

    She has only been talking about it since she turned 4...LOL
  3. Banga, you the bloke that organised the moss vale ride few years back?
  4. I have 2 daughters old enough to ride with me. Both love it and constantly want to be on the bike. The oldest (13) is saving for her first dirt bike.
  5. My 13 year old daughter loves to go on the back. My 16 year old daughter has just got her car L plates, so wants to drive everywhere, but wants to get her bike licence before going to uni. My son 18, will be doing his bike licence in a couple of weeks time.

    Now we have a couple of better bikes for touring, we are looking at weekends away on the bikes rather than in the car, camping with the kids.
  6. I am Lilley, just haven't been really active on these forums for a while. Just lurk and read more than anything :)

    The planning has to be the most agonising thing haha, we were in the same position and would chat about where we would travel to and who we would go and see.

    That's awesome minglis!
    Getting a dirt bike for the little one is also an option we're looking into, although we might wait until she is 100% about it
  7. I have 2 sons. They both enjoyed pillioning with us (my wife also rides) right up until they were about 15. It was about this time that the 'being seen with mum and dad is uncool gene' kicked in and they would only do selected rides that involved lots of corners.

    We did a few family long weekend trips on the bikes which we really enjoyed.

    Take them on the bike as much as you can and enjoy the time with them. All too soon they grow up and leave home.
  8. my son is 18months old, and can't keep his hands off my bike.
    when we are in the car, and a bike goes past he points and says "dad-dee" over and over
    when were at the dealer last he found a peewee mini trail bike and sat on it for 2 - 3 hours wiggling the handlebars and playing with the levers....screamed the fcukin place down when i tried to pick him up off it when we left..he deathgripped the handlebars and i had him held up by the waist and legs...doing a superman.

    i'm pretty sure he's keen to start pillioning soon
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  9. My daughter is 13 and rides with me we have an intercom so we can talk and she now plays games on the ipod on longer rides suppose it is really good to have her along
  10. Thanks for the responses everyone :)
    Really good to hear plenty of kids that want to ride with their parents and enjoy motorcycles as much as we do!

    That's a really great idea shadow, that would be an investment worth making for us too
  11. As you can see by my avatar, Lachie now 8. Loves a dink!
    We are doing a dirt ride next Sat!
    It's a good carrot to dangle to ensure he behaves until then.
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  12. My 6 year old can now reach the pegs so as soon as i can get hold of some good gear for her, we're off! I'm not waiting til she's 8, what a pile of crap.
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  13. Is it illegal to pillion under 8yrs?

    One of my youngest photos was on a bike, I grew up being carted everywhere on the back with Dad, never grew out of it. I still pillion sometimes now if the bikes getting serviced etc... My greatest memories were on a bike - good on you for doing the same for your girl.

    My kids will be given the same opportunities, such a liberating feeling for a kid :)
  14. Totally! My girl cannot wait to be dropped off at school on the bike. I guess she wants to be the coolest kid in second grade!
  15. It is, it's illegal until the child reaches 8 years of age.
    Not the best rule in the world, especially considering the variables in play.

    I was in the same position as you, my daughter isn't exactly small and was comfortably big enough to ride when she was around 6-7.

    The rule is a little stupid in that it should probably be based on weight/height as this is a better determinant of how the child will fare as a pillion passenger as to whether they will be strong enough to hold on and long enough to reach the pegs etc.

    There's plenty of 8 year olds who are too small to sit on a bike, whilst on the other end of the spectrum there are plenty of 6 year olds who could easily pillion.

    Personally we would just ride up and down our street or when we had the Ct-110, we'd ride in the backyard.
    I do agree that the rule isn't fit, but not sure if it is worth risking either :S
  16. Son is 6 months shy of 8 and he can't wait. Already been helmet shopping.
  17. :)
    Keep her well away and don't encourage her. My daughter now keeps wanting to "borrow" my bikes.
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  18. Haha love it Tony, I'm sure you get great pleasure in lending out your bikes :D

    We ended up buying a dirt bike helmet with goggles, she liked the look better and it fitted her head much better than the full face helmets around
  19. My daughter is 11, she has all the gear, helmets, jackets, boots etc but will not get on the bike.

    She is shit scared to take the first step.

    Any suggestions?
  20. Sorry to hear that, hopefully she comes out of the phase soon!

    With my cousin what we did was sit her on the 'stationary' bike numerous times for months every time we'd see her.
    She was very timid and would get scared when the bike was started, but was fine sitting on the stationary bike and when it was off.

    Eventually she wanted to ride although we just had her sit on the the bike whilst started an stationary first as a test and then worked our way forward from there.

    This took a while, a number of months to work her into it, it is a suggestion I would give, but then it depends how scared she is and if she will go anywhere near the bike?
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