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Fate saves my bacon

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Dazzler, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. I was exiting the Calder/Western Ring at Keilor Park Drive this arvo. Got to the lights and there was just one car in front of me. Normally I would just filter to the front, but for no particular reason; maybe the sunny afternoon, maybe just the one car, maybe I was just not in a hurry, I dunno, but today I just sat behind the car and waited.

    The lights turned green and the car enterd the intersection only to slam on the brakes as a semi doing 60kmh ran the red from our right. :shock: :shock: :shock:

    If I had filtered to the front, I would have been a statistic tonight.

    I took it very easy for the rest of the trip and relected on my good fortune I can assure you.

  2. Man that's wierd! Same thing happened to me today :shock:

    Was in the cage 2 x cars back from the lights and a maxi-cab went straight through the red. Same deal - I would have filtered to the front on the bike and might have been cleaned up. Just goes to show, don't switch off your brain just because the light says go.
  3. bloody hell, that's a wake up call if ever you need one.

    I ashamedly almost never look to the side before i go.
  4. Every near miss is a learning experience, red lights don't mean sh!t to some people. Glad you did not filter and now you know why to check the oncoming traffic before you take off, most of us have made the same mistake before. :oops:
  5. Wow. Had the same thing happen to me 2 days ago - only it was a car running the red light. It was very tempting to turn around, catch up to the bastard and say a word or two about his driving, but I chickened out I guess.

    :?: What would the rest of you folks do in a situation like this? I know there's no right thing to do here, but I'm curious as to what the common reaction would be
  6. i had a rabbit run out the front of me at arthurs seat tonight, that was a wierd experience! :bolt:
  7. Thats pretty lucky for you Daz! Congratulations on not being cleaned up? Lol thats all I can say really.
    I usualy do a quick check on both sides of the lights before going through. A good habbit I picked up from my old man I guess.
  8. Just to get more off topic I heard a great quote the other day- don't run over any thing on your bike that you couldn't eat in one sitting, any bigger and you are likely to come off just as bad as it does.
  9. I didn't think I'd be alone in this one
    I always felt obliged to gun it after filtering to the front of a lane so that the cagers wouldn't get cranky.
    Now I will look before I take off, irrespective.
    Daz :!:
  10. The lesson that should be learned here is that just because your at a set of lights that have turned green, does not mean you take off without first looking left & right!
  11. Remember Fat Cat's road crossing song?

    "Stop at the curb
    Look to the right
    Look to the left
    Look to the right again
    Then if the road is clear of traffic
    Walk straight across the road (don't run!)
    Walk straight across the road"

    (adapt as necessary for the riding context)

    Great advice for taking off at the lights too.
  12. when I filter to the front I Always wait for the green (not preempt it) then look left, look right then gun it. If I hold up the cage's that's their fault for trying to run the red (maybe I've just saved them from taking out someone else).
    That being said when I do go I go fast so they shouldn't really have anything to complain about.
  13. +1 i always do the same
  14. your a lucky dude.
    i cant help but think that if you had split to the front and somehow managed not to get cleaned up by the truck,the car behind you may have cleaned you up anyway.
    sometimes there is nothing you can do but rely on sheer luck :(
  15. That's why it always pays check left, right and left again before moving off from a set of lights!

    When i did my L's, after we'd finished the test but before the instructor handed us our pieces of paper to say we'd completed the course, he showed us 2 still images caught from a red light camera - the first one shows two bikers at a set of lights with a commodore approaching a red light from side on. One biker is looking at the car approaching, the other is just about to take off at the green light. the 2nd image shows one biker stationary at the lights watching the other biker being cartwheeled into the air as the commodore plowed straight into his side..that biker was killed..
  16. Agreed with your point, jnr46, but one quick correction:

    left, right, left is the American way, because they drive on the right.

    right, left, right is the Australian way, because we drive on the left.

    Imagine the situation and you'll see.
  17. <post removed>
  18. Speaking of filtering, I copped a stern talking to from an annoyed man on a blue and white BMW motorbike at the corner of James Ruse Drive and Hassall st yesterday. He wasn't too impressed with my filtering to the front between stationary traffic at lights. I pass the attitude test so I got off with a warning.

    Spidey senses were tingling this morning approaching said intersection at around the same time and hey what do you know, 2 x HWP cars sitting at the servo ready to go. I wonder if they were expecting me to try it again? :)
  19. Damm, I'll have to keep a better eye out for them, I filter there maybe 2-3 times a week