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Fatboy 1380ci

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by 99sydrd, Jan 10, 2008.

  1. Hey Folks
    I borrowed a 3yr old fatboy harly today and took her for a ride, thought i'd share the ride with ya. From a learners point of view.
    First of all its mean looking, heavy, gear stick lever is out in the middle of no where along with the back brake lever, no blinkers so it hand signals only.Seating position is layed right back hand up out in front up high.
    As soon as i started it , wow man ! its thunder plus !
    Kicked into first and nearly fell over ! Got it going along no tacho to look at
    so you change when you think the motor sounds the best , i cant weave through the traffic in my gs500 yet, but this 1380 monster made me look like wayne gardner. I used the honda hwy for the first time passing cars approaching lights, split lanes with ease, all the cars in front moved over promptly the way as i approached this never happens on the gs. I found it as easy as a push bike to ride once your going along.The beast pulls like a train , overtaking anything is easy, even a 3 cars at once.
    Intially i was concerned with motor size as ive had my licence for a week
    but i found that with the big motor is easier to ride,because your not revving the guts out it to move it .
    Going around corners, its like wrestling a bull, i went through the national park at heathcote very slowly ! If you go around bend and dont pull it over you end up in the other lane!
    The other thing i noticed is when i ride the gs i worry about cars cutting me off and coming out of nowhere, but on the fatboy i didnt even think about it, the bike felt like a two wheel horse who is saying to me i'll look after ya just get on and ill sort everything out ! sounds wierd but thats how it felt.
    The bike stand started eating through the bitumen and i was worried it might tip over but it didnt.
    The bike is as fun to ride as a cb250 but 15000 times more enjoyable !
    If i had $35000 i'd buy one for sure ! :)