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Fatality near Lake Mountain/VIC today?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by [FLUX], Dec 7, 2006.

  1. The scene was mid way between Cumberland Junction (top of Reefton) and the Lake Mountain turn-off, at around 2pm this afternoon. I was heading up that way for a ride and pulled over for an ambulance that passed me, and I kept on going. The ambulance with lights and sirens was headed the same way I wanted to ride, and then we came upon the scene.

    A rider on a late model black sports bike (couldn't determine the make as it was in pretty bad shape), but could see the number plates, XXXXX. Looks like the rider over-cooked a left hander heading towards cumberland junction and connected with either the front or side of the logging truck. There was a mass of blood all over the road on the side of the road that the truck was travelling on and facing. On my way through the scene I asked one of the collection of logging truck drivers there (there were 3) and he confirmed that the bike had hit the truck. I didn't stick around though and kept on riding up to Reefton, found it was still covered in gravel, and then headed back towards the scene about 40 mins later, expecting it to have been cleared up.

    Got back to the scene and it was largely cleared, and the ambulance was gone. Headed back towards Marysville and caught up with the ambulance, now going quite slowly compared to its trip towards the scene, and with no lights and no sirens. Usually this is a pretty bad sign (death).

    The numberplate stuck in my mind. I can't shake the feeling that I've seen the plate before a few times. Possibly on Netrider rides? I hope it's not a Netrider but still the plate struck a chord with my memories.

    Given the scene and the ambulance on the way back, I'm pretty sure the rider didn't make it.

    Am in a bit of shock actually.

    PM for rego number (mod-edit)
  2. Can one of the Mods please remove the rego number from this thread incase some one recognises it and the family has'nt been informed.
  3. With respect I hope you're wrong.
  4. So sorry to hear that :cry:

    To say condolences to family and friends sounds so inadequate, but it's all I can offer.

    Hope you're ok Stew.

  5. Re: Fatality near Lake Mountain/VIC today? (Reg: XTC59)

    They don't always have the lights/sirens on as it can distress the patient, so may not be totally bad news.
  6. hmmm, not a good day for bikers, condolences to family and friends, I hope that you are wrong cathar and that the rider survived.

    I witnessed a bike accident today too, on Moreland rd in Coburg.
    A bike Tboned a car that was doing a U turn, I was with the guy at a set of lights when he launched off, did a couple of wheel stands then disappeared into the heavy traffic. We again met up at the next set of lights and he took off again up the hill near the John Fawkner hospital, I came up over the hill just intime to see him flying through the air.
    Amazingly he got up and limped away.....very lucky man indeed, considering he was wearing a business shirt and slacks!
    His helmet never even got scratched.
    The driver of the car was very shaken, she said she didn't see him.
    Im not sure if he was speeding or not, and if he was it wasn't by much, but the position she chose to do the U turn didn't help matters, no hope of seeing what is coming up the other side of that hill. A workman on the intersection nearby said it was the 3rd accident he had seen resulting from a U turn at that location in the past week since the roadworks had begun. Anyway, the guy is ok, the bike is a mess, but who cares, he walked away, thats what matters. I gave him a netrider card with my name on it too :)
  7. Re: Fatality near Lake Mountain/VIC today? (Reg: XTC59)

    True, also I think when there is suspected neck/spinal injuries...

    I got carted off to hospital the other week after being taken out by a ute.
    I dont recall them having the sirens on, and it felt like the trip to hospital took forever!
  8. If it was a fatal at the scene then the deceased is picked up by a undertaker as ambulances don't transport them (wastes valuable resources on a simple transport).

    If they are heading away from the scene very slowly they might be taking full spinal precautions and avoiding as many bumps as possible or the worse could've happened in transit but then again ambo's know the roads quite well and wouldn't be travelling slowly so I reckon the first option (Spinal precautions) will be the go here (fingers crossed).

    No mention of a fatality on the news so far today and they are usually pretty quick to announce it these days.
  9. Re: Fatality near Lake Mountain/VIC today? (Reg: XTC59)

    But did they have the lights on?

    They may not have the siren on, but if the patient is on-board, they'll usually at least have the lights on. I know that the ambulance that took me to hospital after my crash in April at PI had the lights on.

    Edit: I do so hope that the rider is okay. With the amount of blood on the road though, including what looked like some creamy coloured liquid (??), it didn't look good. I never saw the rider at any time though, and I was looking out for him. I do hope that the rider survived.
  10. No sirens on when I was carted to hospital, but I couldn't tell you if the lights were on or not (damn that magic green whistle :LOL: [and the early start :evil:])

    Pnut? Mouth? Anyone notice the lights when they took me away?
  11. Mine went slowly, no lights, no siren when they deposited me at the Alfred in 1998
  12. You will probably find that an Ambulance, like any other Emergency vehicle will not travel EVS (Lights or Sirens, they both mean the same thing) unless they absolutely have to.

    There are are many legalities that are involved with having to travel under EVS and I'm sure they ambos don't want the paper work any more than anyone else.
  13. Not to mention that drivers tend to do stupid things when they see lights and sirens like slam on their brakes, try to run into other cars by swerving and not looking etc.
    As above with lights and sirens is correct though.
  14. Fair to say that on those roads the ambo might have been driving slowly without lights and sirens. Mine did (not sure about lights) for the few blocks when I went for my ride, but this accident sounds a bit more serious than mine was.

    Last time, I saw an ambo travelling slowly, it was doing no more than 20 km/h and was being driven by a very shaken looking copper. Of course that didn't end well.

    Best wishes to those involved (Im sure the truck driver wont be sleeping tonight either) but especially hope the rider pulls through. Im sure we will hear some news either way soon.
  15. Yup, they had the lights on.
  16. Went past an ambo tonight with no lights on other that the lights in the rear with the patient in the back and an ambo attending to the patient.
    He looked very much alive when he raised his head to look at the noisy bike going past.
  17. And he has contacted us asking for you to please contact him. Check your PM.
  18. 1stly, hope the guy is ok.

    Stew, I can tell from your posts you are quite shocked and I'm not surprised. When you see evidence of severe injury it makes it more real than just a news report.

    Reefton is fcuked at the moment, the gravel has made it a lottery, the road surface is breaking up at points, the road to Lake Mountain likewise. It's just not worth it, especially weekdays with the logging trucks. Even when they aren't caning it, they are so wide on that stretch of road, they can easily take up some part of your side of the road and in places the road is already narrow. And that's before you meet the truckie who is truly pushing it.

    Let's hope this is not a condolences thread and instead a 'get well soon'.
  19. I saw the OP this arvo before it was modded and I think i recognised the licence plate too. Kinda hit me too.

    I sincerely hope for a positive outcome for the rider.

    Hope you're head isn't messing with you Cathar.

    What you saw was seriously confronting... hardly surprising it's had an effect.

    Anyone know any more news?
  20. +1
    the numbers on the plate may have been different, but I am positive I have seen the same letters recently.