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Fat GSXR-600 P Plate Hero this morning - Sydney Awaba St Mosman

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by evelknievel75, Oct 12, 2011.

  1. I bicycle into work 2 times a week as a health thing, today also happens to be the National Ride into Work day.

    As I am riding past Awaba St Mosman on Military Road Sydney this morning at 6:35am, I get this fat P plate GSX Lams rider beeping me for legally being in the empty transit lane, almost in the gutter as I'm heading heading into Sydney’s cbd.
    I'm a little worried for you, because I'm almost in the gutter in the left of 3 lanes ( I really should have claimed the lane ), was it really necessary to beep me for "delaying" you on an overtake for that extra 5 seconds?

    I can assure you that McDonald’s or whichever fast food place you were rushing to this morning for breakfast, they serve till 10.30am at least.

    i know you're only on your P's, but perhaps it's a good thing they make you now spend extra time on them, because if you are encountering difficulties manoeuvring around a bicycle maybe you should hand in your keys. I've ridden bikes for 17 years, my current gixxer bandit is twice the size of yours but at least I show courtesy to others on the road. No apologies for telling you to do certain things with your mother though, in hindsight though I wish you'd stopped so we could have sorted things out, i.e. my fist in your gut, better yet, perhaps your face.

    Oh, I also videotape everything when on the road. I have your plate and will consider not going to the police to report you for 2 things, firstly, not being able to change lanes properly, and secondly, for being a fat guy wearing too tight a jacket. So please PM me, we can meet and discuss this if you have an issue overtaking people without engines on their vehicles.
  2. Sounds like you met a twat. I'm just up the road at the moment - will keep an eye out. Btw gsxr600's aren't LAMS either so he'd be getting a nice visit from the plod soon if he doesn't pull his head in by the sounds of it
  3. you sure it was a gsx-r?
  4. Coulda been a GSX650FU, perhaps? They're LAMS...
  5. Given that the OP called a Bandit a gixxer, detail may not be a strong suit...

    Certain degree of keyboard heroism, too...

    Sure, it's a bit of a dick move to toot a cyclist, but IMO hardly justifies arcing up to this extent.
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  6. Phew, thought you were talking about me for a second.

    Then I remembered... I'm sexy. And don't ride a gsx. And love bicycles.

    I feel the same way when a motorbike overtakes me obnoxiously when I'm on the pushy. Unfortunately, we live in a douchebag area.

    Riding for ride to work day? Where from?
  7. Cyclists getting their Lycra shorts in a twist...they don't even pay for the privilege to use the road and think they own it?
  8. :popcorn:
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  9. Second...****ing ignorant trolls.
  10. meh, it wasn't great at the time....if the guy can't over take using 2 lanes then clearly his skills are lacking....

    its not keyboard heroism if the offer is there to meet the guy. which it is.

    I stand corrected, it was one of those shoe box looking GSX650FU ugly looking things....the fairing on them sticks out so much it looks like a bumper car...
  11. And you almost had me on-side then, too!
  12. It's keyboard heroism because you're offering to assault someone for beeping his fecken horn. Dose of HTFU on Ward 3, nurse.
  13. should of dinged your bike bell to counter his bike horn
  14. Ok bravius sweetheart...there there, it's ok, you can pick up some lycra shorts at most bike stores if you feel like your missing out on something....

    Re: rego and bikes...yeah, thats the same as bikes and 4wds paying the same isn't it?....my car and bike pay rego so....lol
  15. I've posted your invitation on the GSXF site, and will let you if there are any takers...
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  16. Oh, I've done my share of cycling, my comments have nothing to do with any animus toward cyclists, I always treat them with the greatest respect and care.

    I already said tooting you was a dick move.

    My point is simply about *proportional* response: try removing the shoulder chip and thinking about what would be *proportional*. Hint: a punch ain't it.
  17. ...that and you mentioned 2 bikes in your OP, including the heading, and managed to misidentify both...

    But mostly the proportion thing.
  18. You call my bike a box...

    OK thats it ..calling all GSX650F riders ..CALL TO ARMS.. awaba street 6.35am next wednesday.


  19. hahah...it's a boxy type bike....i'm sure it runs well, corners great, cuts through the air really well.

    I'm kinda of annoyed with the guy bravius, because maybe he should pay his dues before beeping me very unecessarily...on his P's plates

    linkee to gsxr thread pls?
  20. so, you're upset, cos he hasn't paid his "dues"

    beeped by a p plater?

    Just keep your bicycle out of the way, yeah?