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Featured Fat Crank

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Hondadude, Dec 9, 2014.

  1. I am hard to please so after getting stuffed around by various bike shops, I tried FATCRANK and I would recommend them for a general service at your home or office etc especially if you are in a bind and can't get the bike to a shop. My one big bit of advice is supply your own oil as theirs is not cheap.

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  2. That doesn't rhythm?!
  3. Start supplying your own oil they probably wont turn up. Have to make a buck somehow.
  4. Sorry

    The ride was running rank
    so I call up FATCRANK
    He quickly obliged and
    fixed up my ride.
    now I'm sweet as a treat
    but a little thin in the bank
    for both of these things
    FATCRANK I will thank
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  5. Was that on my recommendation? someone asked the other day.

    He's cool if you have your own oil.

    I got him out for a job, and said i could do all the fiddly stuff and strip the bike down so he could get in and pout faster and he was cool with that also.
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  6. Yeah I found he didn't muck around which I appreciated.
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  7. Had him out a few times, once was a mate's bike, nice dude
    +1 to Fat Crank - his name is Erin I think