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Fat Boy- Dakar

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by Seany, Jun 16, 2006.

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    Really cool
    I would love to do the dakar
    Would prob. do it in a car though - although my dream would be on a bike
    Last year one of the best riders on the dakar got killed :shock:
    I reckon it would be a really good experience (the dakar, not the dying)
  3. Love the Dakar mate. I only watch the off road bike rallies. Most other kind of bike racing bores me to tears.
    Great post .
    Cheers: Jaq.
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    Privateers who enter the Dakar need about $60 Grand as a minimum Oliver.
    Having a $100 grand spare is better.
    I've met and ridden with a couple of the Dakar riders. The ones I rode with are still alive.
    Most of them have died in the Dakar.
    Stephen Peterhansel is probably the greatest Dakar rider. Six times champion for Yamaha. Including the Paris to Peking to Moscow rally.
    He drives for Mitsibishi now.

    The rider who died in the Dakar...did you mean Aussie Andy Caldercott?
    One of the many mate.
    There is a long list of the worlds best riders who have died in the desert race.
    Few people seem to know that Simon Pavey, who races out of the UK (and who trained Ewan and Charley) is actually an Aussie.
    He's a local Shire lad. He and I and John Rigoni used to have some fun.
    John and Simon started their careers racing Enduros for Caringbah Motorcycles.
  5. Considering ive got a few hundred into savings for my 1st bike, i don't see that coming anytime soon. Plus thats a dream, not a reality. Yeah - The Dakar is a very dangerous thing to do - i wouldn't just "do it" if i had the money, i would have to have the necessary skills aswell. I think you took my comment the wrong way mate, it's like when people say "i'll climb everest one day" - realisticaly it isnt going to happen, same with the dakar for me. As for the deaths - its terrible when anyone loses family or friends. for whatever reason....
  6. Don't feel bad for the riders who die in the Dakar and other international rallies Oliver. They died doing what they loved, we should all be so lucky.

    The Dakar is dangerous, it's half the reason they do it.
    I didn't think you planned to jump on a bike and compete next year mate, I was just pointing out how expensive the costs involved are.
    I've looked into it myself in great depth.
    I've had enough money in the past to compete, but at the end of the day it's an awesome amount of money just to say you were in the race.
    You can take a bike to the Sahara and ride around for a month a lot cheaper, and have more fun, than you would in the Dakar.
    A first time rider entrant would be lucky to even get to Dakar.
    I've dreamed of it for 20 years mate, but eventually reality took hold and I realised that I'd rather just ride the desert than race in it.
    However if a sponsor suddenly offered to pay me to race in the Dakar, complete with all airfares and bike shipping and medical insurance included, I'd be off in a second.
  7. yeah - just the way I interpreted your origional post sounded like you were annoyed at my comment.

    I reckon just the experience would be great, if just to go along for fun etc (thats why i reckon the Targa is awesome). I reckon money would be the main problem for anyone, then logistics. I had a good look myself the other day at all the dakar stuff :shock: . But if your that enthuastic then GO FOR IT! LOL
  8. Takes a lot to annoy me in internet chat forums and chat rooms Oliver.
    I agree it's often difficult to ascertain the correct context of another posters intent.

    But be assured people know when I am annoyed mate...there's no mistaking the cynical comments and sarcastic observations I make. :LOL:

    So no worries rider.

    Charley Bormann attempted the Dakar last year, if he made it halfway I'm sure you've got a damn good chance of finishing the race. :LOL:

    Simon Pavey was chaperoening him though.
    And it's noticeable that as soon as Charley pulled out, Simon's daily placings increased.
  9. man that looks like it would take it out of u at the end of the day :shock:
    but nothing a slab of beer and a pizza wont fix...
    i mean they do have helicopters :LOL:
  10. Hi Seany - thanks for the link

    Yeah be real fun - I think even just as part of the support crew would be a great way to spend your holidays.

  11. The Rothmans and Martini teams don't compete anymore Jaq !! ,well don't sponsor at least !

    Lose the jacket !!! :LOL:
  12. Oh Seany that sort of Pron should not be put up here...
    That was sooo Sexy!

    The Footage of those drops from the ledges with both the bikes and the cars is some footage you don't often get to see.

    I could sit and watch dakar footage all day.
  13. I'd love to do the Dakar in one of those big 4wd trucks, that way you could bring your beer along with you! I can't believe how well those things go!

    Regards, Andrew.
  14. very nice vid

    Cheers :cool:
  15. Brilliant find Seany, loved it and love the Dakar to bits, keep meaning to go to my video store and get last years highlights on DVD. Was just saying to Carri that only trouble is, at the time of year its on, everyones inevitably on holiday or Im out riding somewhere, being summer and right around the xmas break and miss those 6.30pm updates that SBS so thankfully provides us with.
    Fanatastic media coverage and spectacular camera work and scenery,let alone the world's best riders and drivers, make it for my money, the best rally on the planet.
  16. Awesome stuff! Love this rally. Is there an Australian equivalent or similar type of race?
  17. Fink desert race
  18. crazy bastards lol
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