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fat bastard gear

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by raffiki, Jun 21, 2005.

  1. well its getting to be a little wet and i'm starting to look for some fabric gear to replace the leathers for the wetter months and that motodry full suit is just to damn hot with the leathers :evil:

    anyway i went shopping last night at action mc's and to my dismay i have grown out 4' in the last year and a half or everybody buying bike gear has shrunk :?

    i tried on a new 4xl dririder jacket (label said size 56 i think) and it was the equivalent of a size 40 joe rocket jacket WTF?!?! i used to use a mates dririder jacket which he bought 2 years ago (was a 3xl) and it fitted fine aaaarrrrrgggghhhhh!!!! oh and dont even get me started on alpine stars and all those mobs gay japanese sizing they seem to use...

    is the mighty rocket the only clothing company making 'real' sizes anymore? is there anyone local who caters to men of lager than average girth?

    i found some rocket gear that fits fine and dandy but it would be nice to have a little bit of variety or dare i say it competition... :cry:


    larger than life
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  3. nah i had the 4xl, i made sure after i put it on and thought 'gee this is a bit small' :(
  4. The Tigerangels are the Australian made competition. Recently, Steve Howden mentioned that it was unfortunate that production of his Goretex/Synthetic gear will cease in the near future. It is price uncompetitive with the Chinese produced gear. :(
  5. Try Torrini (Black Rose) www.torrinileathers.com.au, incidentally 4' is 4 feet, that's a significant enough weight gain to notice I would haver thought :p
  6. There are a lot of leather manufacturers that source their product from Pakistan. You will get good prices if you shop around.

    Or you could look in the partners page. You may just be surprised as to what you find ;)
  7. I feel your pain. The only jacket I could get to fit my extra girth was a DriRider Aspen, in black and grey. There just was no other choice. I mean the aspen is an ok jacket and in the category I was after, but in smaller sizes you get heaps of colour choices and brand choices. Don't even get me started on pants. It really is like the manufacturers don't thing that big blokes like to be just as safe as the wee little ones.
  8. Mate I'm a M in the Aspen/Nordic jackets and when i wanted mine Black/Grey was the only one they didn't have....

    Now I've got Black and Yellow and look like the damn Bumblebee Man off the simpsons.
  9. Was that a hint as to how you expanded so much in the last year and a half or just a Freudian slip?
  10. "lager" than average.....Hoo boy, they are coming thick and fast today!!!

    Nice one, Pete.
  11. Trying to get a visual of Fluffy Bunny Feet looking like the Bumblebee Man...... No, too many mixed images!!!
  12. try a motordry duo jacket, waterproof, and breathable. Very generous sizing too, they will have something that fits you guarenteed (i had a guy who couldn't get in a 6xl dririder, but he got into a 5xl motodry jacket :))
  13. RJays go up to an XXXL i think?
  14. rjays aren't big fitting :(
    dririder suits tall thinner people
    motordry suits the um.. rounder shape :D (don't laugh i have a motordry jacket :))
  15. I would ask Roundman58 for advice. PM him. Shane is slightly larger than normal if you know what I mean. I was going to ask him myself as I am thinking along the same lines and need a slightly larger jacket as well.
    On mine the zip seems to have moved away from its original place and now won't reach the other side. :x Leather seems to have shrunk. :x

    ***I just figured out why fluffy is still here. he can't get into a train door to go back to Adelaide!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: *******
  16. Also being a "large" guy (i.e. a Fat Bastard) I've just gone through this exercise ... so here's my experiences, lessons and questions ...

    Forget trying to find things off the shelf, honestly, save yourself the pain ... instead go to where you can get custom gear done:

    Dainese and BMW both will provide custom sizing options - but they are expensive - not sure how expensive as the ticket items scared me as it was.

    Tiger Angel are great, everyone I know who has their gear just raves, and the service is exemplary. I ended up ordering an Elements suit (~1300) which was far cheaper than the off the shelf BMW version (~2300) and Dainese version (~2100).

    Draggin no longer make custom btw - have enticed with cash and offers of slavery and other dubious bribes - but nothing ... they do have a couple of jeans for the larger man - but if you want anything else, bad luck. Have not asked Hornee yet ...

    Helmets were the easiest thing to shop for ... ended up getting the BMW System V modular helmet (great for those of us with enforced ocular accessories :)

    Boots were a challenge, as I have a big (US12) foot that is also wide and has a high Arch. In the end, I got a size 46 Dainese Apache - had to wear them around the house for a couple of days as the leather stretched around my calf and foot, but they are perfect now and can be quite comfortably worn all day. They're also subtle - which is nice.

    I am still having trouble with gloves though ... either they are too tight around the fingers, or too tight around the wrist (so cannot get hand IN to the glove) or perfect everywhere except there is a 1.5cm give at the fingertips ... I'm now looking to get custom gloves made ... any suggestions?

    That's it for now ...