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Fat B!tch Nixon still at it.

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by fekkinell, Jul 14, 2009.

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  2. Maybe if you read the article you'd have seen this:

    The triangular office, dubbed the "rebuilding building", will be constructed on private land in the town centre and funded by big business

    No mention of Christine Nixon anywhere in the article. :roll:
  3. we must be reading very different articles....

    seems to me that it was a glowing report, with the usual inter fighting of small groups.
    the article focuses on the whinging about the building design, not the fact that $1.2 million worth of free money was secured to build it.
    Edit: TonyE beat me to it

    An entire economic recovery plan (in factunrelated to the fires)has been drafted and no doubt will be paid for by external money. something the local residents/council had not managed to achieve as the report states. yet somehow nixon is at fault?

    There is a ridiculous amount of pointless cop bashing in this forum. Or perhaps its that she's fat & therefore incompetent?
  4. She is leading the reconstruction authority. It may be funded by private business but it's her teams decision to manage the planning side of things.

    Why a million dollar base for themselves, before basic services for the township?

    It's the same story in Kinglake.

    Nothing to do with her being a cop or fat. Just useless.
  5. :rofl:
  6. Too good for a caravan? I presume there's many a local still doing it tough in a caravan.... :?

    Doesn't matter to me where the money came from, I am sure it could be much better spent.
  7. Hell yes. people are stuck in caravans because of a disaster not because its is a suitable work environment. Try attracting quality people from their comfortable Melbourne jobs to a disaster zone, with the promise of a caravan. not going to happen. the interior of Australia is a testament to the difficulty of attracting people from city jobs into the country.

    someone needs to plan those basic services, those planners will need computers, internet, etc. otherwise chaos would ensue and the money would be mismanaged.

    but no doubt you've got a solution to all that. I can see the job advert now.

    "work from a caravan, its for the children you whinging sods" :shock:
  8. Where are they working from now?

    Are they going to build one in Kinglake West too?

    If they can organise a fancy command centre. They can organise anything. It already is a mismanagement of funds.
  9. Who is this mysterious "they"? It's obviously not the reconstruction authority organising the command centre.

    If private enterprise wants to build a centre on private property then take it up with them. You don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

    It's not government funded so I can't see where "mismangement of funds" comes from and I guarantee that if the authority had said "go away" or "build something else" those now complaining would be the first to claim unwarranted interference in what people want to do with their own money.
  10. I was talking to some CFA members from St Andrews the other day. Including one of their regional commanders. He was telling me about how the Good Guys had donated 6 caravans to the Red Cross.

    He overheard the Red Cross representative saying "What the f*** are we supposed to do with caravans?" :shock:

    He interrupted and said that if they didn't want them, he had six members of his unit that had lost their homes while they were out fighting the fires. They gave him the caravans and went about their business.

    My point is that the people who are in charge of the Bushfire Reconstruction Authority should be focusing their attention on the people who actually live in the area, not on silly side projects. In the time it takes them to organise and build it, they could have organised the rebuilding of many other more relevant buildings.

    They are a temporary business. They don't need a permanent office building in Marysville.
  11. EDIT: damn you TonyE... what you said!

    and lets not forget these headlines:
    by finishing ahead of schedule, no doubt they saved money on personnel costs. huzzah for the Nixon managed clean up!

  12. :shock: ...er....right!!.....

  13. Indeed. Huzzah for the clean up.

    Now about those displaced locals, homes, schools, businesses, etc...
  14. Fekk what I see in this thread is an obvious case of prejudice. You have assumed the outcome because you don’t like the person, but really you don’t know what you are talking about in the slightest.
    Nice work…
  15. Why then, did you refer to her as a "fat biatch"?
  16. All I'm saying is that if they can build an office, before public infrastructure, then it's a disgrace.

    Whoever's fault it may be.

    FL... You're absolutely right. I can't stand the woman. Maybe it's unfair of me to have titled this thread at her expense.
  17. Because that's her secret nickname to some of those who used to have her as a leader. Not me for the record.
  18. That's funny, because none of the serving officers that I know including who was a senior officer and now a senior OPI investigator ever refered to her as that.

    Thing is, it doesn't help your credibility when you name a thread as such and then refer to her in that way.

    I personally wasn't impressed with her performance. But clearly the government was, otherwise it would not have given her the job of looking after the recovery and cleanup efforts.

    Finally, haven't you taken notice of what the others have posted here with respect to who is funding this centre and on what land it is to be built?
  19. But that would mean being objective and not leaning on your prejudices.
  20. I have listened to what everyone has said. I understand that it's private money and private land. I said it wasn't fair to title the thread specifically targeting her, based on my own prejudices, and if anyone wants to change the title of the thread to discontinue this irrelevant point, please do.

    That aside.

    It's still my opinion that it is an absolute disgrace to be building an office before infrastructure. Like I said at the top of this page, whoever's fault it may be.

    Building a big shiny arrogant office in a town that's been completely devastated seems like extremely poor taste and an insult to the victims.

    I also think that the authority is doing a terrible job of interacting with the communities and focusing on what they are asking for.

    Like I said... It's just my opinion, not fact.

    Which is why, on a separate note, I was talking with the aforementioned CFA guy. It was because a group of people that I know organised to have equipment directly supplied to the local CFA units. The authorities were handing money out into the ether and nobody knew where it was going. So it was organised that several local stations were donated equipment that they, themselves, requested. One station got a canopy for their Hilux, one got a chainsaw, and another got new nozzles for their hoses.

    As for Marysville. Yes. I know it's private money, and private land.

    I still maintain it's an extremely poor decision, and a slap in the face to those whose only agenda is to rebuild their community.