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Fat, 49 and first-time rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Rustyrider, Mar 28, 2008.

  1. Perhaps not the optimum in combinations, but then at at my age I'm past worrying what others think. Hello to all on Netrider's. I live in Yarram in Gippsland and have been riding for just one year. Still on the XV 250 and cutting a fine silhouette trundling down local coast roads. (Is there really a stigma attached to these great bikes?)
    Through necessity I have a good, if somewhat dry sense of humour. Look forward to hearing from others who can sympathise with my mid-life crisis. :cool:

  2. Not if you're happy :wink:

    Welcome to netrider

    Enjoy whatever you're riding :cool:
  3. Hi RustyRider and welcome to Netrider :)

    Some people find it difficult to forget about what other people like and end up buying a bike that doesn't suit them because *other* people reckon it's good.

    If you're having fun on your bike and it suits you then stuff 'em... tell 'em to buy their own bikes :)
  4. hello and welcome :grin:
  5. Crisis, what crisis? It was just time to try something new! :cool:

    I'm 48, fat (no no, just a little overweight. . . err . . . fat) and have been back on a bike for just over 18 months after a 26 year break. It's no crisis, it's fun.

    But I ride a Ducati. :grin:

    Welcome BTW.
  6. hmmmmm it's no crisis but I ride a ducati :LOL:

    Who cares what people think, it's a bike and you ride it.
  7. G'day and welcome to NR.
    There is nothing wrong with your bike.
    Send us a PM next time you are riding in the Sale area.
    Mrs is on a ZZR250 and usually up for a L's ride somewhere on weekends.
  8. Welcome to Netrider, where it's never too late to start. And remember, most of those people who look down on the 250 were riding one themselves, and some of them, not that long ago :wink:
  9. Welcome Aboard !
    Better to be a late starter ( as I am also ), than an early casualty :wink:
    PS: I'm referring to the 'hoon' factor we all have in our 20s, not at all implying young riders are irresponsible .. well not all of em anyway :p

  10. You all seem very kind, I am grateful for your responses. As a new rider many things others take for granted seem to catch me out.
    Initially I had trouble fiddling with the chin strap buckle and was told to just loosen it, not undo it completely as it makes it easier to just cinch up once you pull the helmet on.
    It worked fine the first few times but upon leaving Geelong one morning and heading home along the highway I realised I had overlooked the "cinching" part and as the first truck passed going in the opposite direction it sucked the helmet up to the extent of the loosened strap, lifting the chin protector of the full face-helmet to eye level and blocking my view until I managed to push it back down and tighten the strap.
    I believe I am a good rider now, but it's the little things that catch you out isn't it?
  11. hi and welcome to NR hope u have as much fun as i have been with this place :grin:
  12. Welcome.

    Enjoy it while it lasts.

  13. Welcome!

    I started riding again less than two years ago after a lay off of several decades. I am also older than you by enough to wish nostalgically that I was only 49 again.

    I am not the greatest rider. And have probably made more than a fair share of sill mistakes, but I am having a ball.

    Just stay safe and enjoy the ride.
  14. Welcome.

    There's nothing like riding. It doesn't really matter what you are riding provided you maintain it to a safe level and that you can enjoy it.

    I've been riding for 20 years and still love it.

    Don't you know that everyone is a motorbike rider but some just don't know it yet!

    Be safe.
  15. Welcome to Netrider

    Dont worry about being an older rider, there is a fair few of us here
    though I started at an earlier age to you and I am still in my 30's :p
    I have only been riding for a couple of years and hubby who is in his 40's has had his licence only a little less longer than me.

    Try other bikes on for size if you want, but if your happy with what you have then it doesnt matter what anyone else thinks.

  16. Thanks Tracey, and all who have taken the time to make me feel welcome.
    It's great to know you are all out there promoting riding in the manner that you do.
    I will hold my head up high from now on and may even wear the open face helmet occasionally, since after reading your comments I no longer feel the need for anonymity whilst riding.
    Love the look your bikes Tracey, the style you ride makes good sense.
    I wish you safe travels wherever you go.
  17. Thanks so much

    Our riding buddies and best friends ride your style of bike and although we have to alter our routes at times to accomadate each other sometimes, mostly it works out all right.

    Safe travels to you also

  18. Hiya. no mid life crisis that I can see... I have just passed my L's today and I am 40+ (no woman in her right mind will give away her right age or advertise it either unless she is in her 20's!! :grin: )

    As long as you are having fun and feel great riding a bike (of which I have discovered lately with much glee!) ignore the lesser mortals who have yet to discover the bliss that comes with riding...

    See you on the road sometime!
  19. well I guess I am happy to be classed as not in my right mind
    I am happy enough with myself to not worry about my age

    Congrats on getting your L's
  20. Lizzy gets her L's

    Congratulations Lizzy,

    I hope you enjoy your riding and wish you safe travelling. I have great admiration for the lady riders I have heard from on this site. They display qualities that set them above the norm, perhaps that's why age or the declaration thereof is of little consequence.

    I'm sure their husbands and partners love having them as someone who shares in their passion and excitement for riding and when children can be included as they are at times, how wonderful for them also.

    Stay safe