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Fastway <cough cough> couriers

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. Fastways are not, unless they get their own way. Let me explain.

    On Tuesday I paid a Fastway courier driver $20, got an official receipt, and entrusted a computer to him, to be delivered to Bondi in Sydney.

    Today I got home to find a Fastway note in my letterbox, stating that I had a package to be picked up at their depot in Unanderra. Beauty, it's fixed already, I think, but just to be sure, I rang the lady's name on the docket. No, it hasn't been fixed at all, it's been returned because the 'person to whom it's adressed refused delivery'. Strange seeing he's the one who asked for it. So I ring him. He hasn't seen the box, but he wasn't home when the courier called; the courier phoned him, and he asked the courier if he could deliver it after 4:00pm. He heard nothing. Next thing I know it's back down here.

    So I went to pick it up and find out what the deal was, since they already had my money. Here's what you need to know when you deal with this sleazy excuse for a service company.

    The Fastway man in the Eastern suburbs is in Bondi at 9:30am and 2:00pm each day. If he can't deliver your parcel at those exact times, he won't at any other time, and, at least in this case, will lie about why it hasn't been delivered.

    I retrieved my parcel, called in at the Post Office in Oak Flats and despatched it again, for $6.95 and guaranteed delivery to the Post Office nearest the address of my contact, tomorrow morning.

    All I can say is, just as well it was only $20.
  2. You got off easy Paul!

    We used them at work to send a computer(see a pattern developing here?) to our Melbourne Office as it had cesaed to be working.

    Now, the PC was, and I use that descripive carefully, your standard metal comuter case about 50cm high.

    When it was delivered to us, it was vaguely hexagonal in shape, and certainly not functioning now.....or repairable. We managed to salvage the Hard drives, they somehow survived the beating and have worked well since.

    So at least you still have your PC, we had to pay the courier and then buy a new PC.

    Unfortunately i wasn't in the office when it was delivered or i would have refused delivery.
  3. Blastway?????

    I used to work for them.
    I almost bought a franchise off them.

    I have vented in the past about this pathetic excuse for a company. Not the 3 amigos runnning the Melbourne operation couldn't score a root in a brothel.

    Shit company, shit service, shit drivers, shit everything.

    You get what you pay for in teh end.

    They stopped servicing me because I dared complain about them not collecting my parcels 3 days after I had booked a pick up.
    Good riddens. Went across to Couriers Please and have never looked back. They lost one parcel of mine and they paid me in full for it.

    I see Blastway have moved from North Melbourne to a new depot on Salmon street in South Melbourne.
    Must be making a killing ripping people off.
  4. Between the gong and Sydney, Barnett's are probably your best bet for anything a little bit large to post, Hornet.

    They are quite good... although they might be a "You must have an account with us" mob - haven't tried with cash.
  5. Couriers Please are quite good, although for anything going interstate I prefer Australian Air Express ... I am always undersizing boxes and weights but they don't seem to care. Although I do use them quite a bit ...

    The biggest problem with most courier companies is when I tell them to pick up from reception (front office) instead of despatch (rear of factory), yet they always go to the back (and it's not a small factory).
  6. I have a courier company that will deliver a PC around town for about $13, and its got $1k insurance... and for a few bob more can send country or interstate...

    Never really used to like them, but they've proved quite useful...

    They are Couriers Please...

    Star couriers are cheap and effective, but no isurance AFAIK.

    EDIT: NEVER use Allied Express, we've lost a few packages with them, mainly monitors and laptops, see a trend? And they didn't get back to me when i was chasing up the packages, and then told me they didnt' carry insurance... AND their rates went up to double what I could send a package to Sydney for WITH insurance... :roll:
  7. im in the spare parts business for air con units and it doesnt matter what courier or logistics company you go with - pretty much all of them have failed me multiple times
  8. And if you are freighting stuff, avoid Toll.

    They are SLOW, and a touch dodgy. We had some coach wheel rims delivered to us, and later received note that they wanted another $114. Reason - apparently we told them that we didn't have a forklift and required a truck with a tail-loader. Truth - the first we knew that the rims were coming was when the truck pulled up. The driver asked us where we wanted them, and put them there. They never asked us if we had a forklift (our neighbour does), and anyway, we have three blokes here who could have unloaded the rims physically.


    And no, we didn't pay.
  9. All the larger courier companies are a joke. TNT will damage goods then turn their back on you, Star track will claim to deliver items they did not, or say they attempted to, and when you authorise them to be delivered and left, will not. You wil have to go to teh depot if you ever want to see goods again.
    DHL are hit and miss.
    UPS will just dump teh goods at the nearest post office if delivering internationally, and claim you weren't home to sign (even though you were, this si to save money). Why pay for a "premium" international courier service, when they don't even get the goods to my door, and take longer than the USPS?
    I ALWAYS use Australia Post for anything that fits within their shipping guidelines, and they are always 1 to 3 days, even west-east coast.
    Internationally I will ask for USPS if at all possible, see above note on UPS.
    I have just received a parcel from teh US, sent USPS, it took 5 days door to door. This is typical in my experience.
    Note that all the opinions above come from many years of using the services I mention.

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. Fastway quoted me 300 bucks to have a bike couriered from the previous owners house in the city to my house in Patterson lakes (next to carrum). Witch had to be a total joke, seeing i got it home for the price of a train ticket.
  11. I've never had an issue with VicFast Couriers.
    Used them private and with work.
    They have a national network but not sure who with. Things get delivered.
  12. seems like I'm not the only one disenchanted with couriers, and Fastway in particular

  13. D
    ewie Hugie and Lewy
  14. Couriers Please not only failed to deliver something to an address 1.5km away in a day, they also damaged my $2000 pipes and said *too bad*

    Never ever again