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Fastest small scooter

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Vertical C, Sep 7, 2012.

  1. I sold my last scooter- taiwanese piece of junk and so I have been looking for a sleeper scooter

    I have the zx6 and vt1100 as well so this is just a bit of fun.

    Anyone know of which scooter get and be silly with, happy to burn some money on it to some extent. I was thinking a 2 stroke but it is not looking good and people are saying that you might as well just go the 125cc four strokes. The beewee seemed a good candidate but apparently only air cooled so you cant get much more out of them and you might as well soup up a 50cc to an 80cc and then pipe etc. Kind of be fun to have a 50 (ish) that would do wheelies, i guess People have been souping up the aprillia sr50 with good results but they are $4.5 new and dont seem to be around second hand. That seems a bit silly money as I will go buy a motard for not much more to waste money on.

    I really should try to find one of those 200cc 2 stroke scooters maybe. There is a px200 on bikesales for 3200 but they are a bit heavy i think.

    Not getting a maxi scooter that is just stupid. Too motorcycle like.

    Anyone with thoughts? Maybe i am 5 years too late and the emmissions have got all the strokers.

  2. I'd go with a MadAss 125 on the basis of power/weight (and the fact they're cheap to buy 2nd hand).
  3. I had a Madass a couple years ago, though apparently you can put a 170cc engine in them to make 23hp, i never did try that and thats kind of the stupid I am going for.

    Food for thought....
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  5. At least do it in style:
    (yes they did actually try selling these in Australia)
  6. Hmm do you think I could get a dr650 engine in that? Wheelies on a pink cruiser would be fun.
  7. I so hope so.
  8. They still do sell them in Australia. Made in the US by the same company that makes the chopper style huge cruisers they also sell.

    My sister's partner is the sole distributor. Sister has a pink one for herself, complete with cop style big screen (added later - she says it gives her another few kph) and a packrack (would you believe)!

    This photo was taken at Elephant Rock on the Beaconsfield-Emerald Rd. The photo is labelled... "Two scooters and a REAL bike." The VTR is mine.

  9. Ah okay. I couldn't find their website so assumed they'd gone under like a lot of other small importers.

    Out of curiosity is it a Loncin engine they're using or something different?
  10. Italjet Dragster 180.

    Hard to find & expensive now, but one of the fastest accelerating scooters available.

    There's one in front of my desk at work, but it's not for sale :)

  11. dude couldnt be more wrong

    i used to own the below scoot, it was a vespa T5 classic 125cc, stock they were faster than the PX200 a 200cc scoot, mine had a malossi big bore kit, upgraded carb, expansion chamber pipe and porting amongst other things, it would smash my modified Vespa 300 super which is as fast as my Nexus 500 was...

    i also had a postie bike with a lifan 150 and mikuni, so already way ahead of a madass on power to weight, and i can tell you it wasnt even in the same league as the T5, the T5 was power wheelie 1st 2nd and clutch wheelie 3rd, thats power wheelies till 55km/h and clutching it to wheelie at 80km/h

    the only way a stupid monkey bike is going to get near a well sorted highly modified PX200 or SR50 etc... is with a twin cam, but your looking at 5k + for a donk

    a px200 with a pipe is still way slower than what i had, as ive had a few of those too, a px200 with a big bore kit porting and pipe etc... will be a tad quicker, these old vespas range from 95-105kg so they are pretty light weight and with the 2 smoker, very fast (but not stock)

    i also had a gilera runner, same 180cc 2 smoke engine as the italjet dragster, but looked like a normal scooter not an abortion, fast stock, very fast modified... unreliable though

    my 300cc vespa (278cc) is very fast off the mark with transmission mods only, and also power wheelies off the line with 140Kg rider, but top end isnt that big.


    below is mild px200, jetting pipe etc..., miles slower than the above 172cc kitted T5

    i also used to own this, yes road legal full rego

    gay aids slow compared to the black vespa, but easy to slot in a big banger, cheap if you can find one 2nd hand

    and lastly very fast scooter, almost bike like handling, but not small, adjustable ride height makes it easy to use around town and adjust the handling for high speed work too, Gilera Nexus 500 (460cc)
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  12. And given the Sachs Madass 125 has roughly the same power to weight ratio as a Vespa 125 I'm wrong how exactly?

    Besides, the Madass does at least have decent sized wheels to cope with potholes, speedhumps, curbs, staircases, kittens, you know - the usual stuff.

    I'd rather this:
    to this
    :p :LOL:
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  14. That's unusual. I just assumed they'd be sourcing the engines from one of the Chinese factories churning out millions of them a year like everyone else does.
  15. After more research it is making me very sad. Everything seems ridiculously priced and I don't want to spend stupid money on a scooter that is slightly faster than a 150 4 stroke and will probably be a pain the ass with reliability. So I might get a 150 and save some money for something else.

    Slightly depressed now.
  16. My bad - the bikes are made in the US, but the engines are Taiwanese. They're almost an exact copy of a Honda engine. I believe the large Pro One bike engines are US made, but these aren't. They're not Chinese, although the US company is doing a project of a new 250cc version and that will have a Chinese engine made by Zongshen to CSC's specs. The blog is here.

    Having said that, the guys in the US who are making the bikes have ridden these things on road trips that would test a lot of bikes. These are big guys that look like they should be on huge cruisers (and usually are), trying to run these little 150cc bikes into the ground.
  17. I've ridden a rental 175cc cruiser which had seen a lot of kays, and the Malaysian copy of a Kawasaki engine in that still ran pretty good (rest of the bike was f*&ked though).

    Interesting that they're going with a Zongshen engine. I have read that they are one of the better Chinese engine manufacturers, it's just a shame that they bikes they make themselves aren't that great.