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Fastest Scooter 50cc 100cc 150cc 200cc

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Anthony, Oct 5, 2006.

  1. I would like everyone's opinion on what is the fastest scooter (0-70km/h) in each category. There may need to be 2 sections of each category.
    1) Fastest in terms of stock form (derestricted with restriction exhaust plate, speed limiter).
    2) Fastest in terms of being slightly modified with exhaust, weights, etc. But without the addition of a larger carb / changing its capacity.

    I will start the ball rolling....

    1) Peugeot Ludix Blaster
    2) Aprillia SR50

    100cc - 125cc
    1) Sportcity 125 (???)
    2) BeeWee 100

    150cc - 180cc
    1) Bug Espresso
    2) Agility 180

    1) Gilera Runner / Vespa GTS250ie / Sportcity 200 (???)
    2) Gilera Runner (???)

    1) Scarabeo 250 / Sportcity 250 (???)
  2. I agree with your 2 50cc choices :D
  3. The Blaster is great, but small. The SR50 is fantastic. ITs such a pity these kind of scoots are out of reach for the average scooter buyer in OZ.
  4. Hi Anthony

    have you ridden both these scoots?

    I've only really had a good ride on the SR50 and a very short run on the Blaster. I'm interested in how these two compare - apart from physical aspects.
  5. yes I have on both and also have had a drag between the two also. Although the Aprilia was slightly more modified in the drag race.

    At the same modification level or stock form, the Blaster pulls out just slightly in front. But in a recent drag in modified form and the Aprilia had the advantage of a sports exhaust. Both scoots were identicial in terms of acceleration up to 60km/h then I am guessing the exhaust kicked in and the Aprilia left the Blaster behind.

    I don't know any Blaster with a modified exhaust or even anything beyond the basic weight and gearing change. So I really can't give a definate answer.

    However with the Aprilia being fuel injected, I can only guess that it can be modified to run faster than the Blaster on the same budget without changing the capacity. ie. a 70cc kit for the Blaster, bigger pump & injectors for the Aprilia.

    I am reading that the Agility 100cc is very fast, similarly with the Peugeot Speedfight 2. Any comments?

    I have read that the Bowell HD200 is probably top of the list. Sportscity is up there also. Any comments?
  6. Thanks for the info on the 50cc scoots mate.

    I've always had a soft spot for the SR50, mainly just from a looks point of view. I know a guy who ran a scoot shop here in Perth and he let me take an SR50 for a day while my Benelli 491rr was in service. The SR was de-restricted but i dont know to what extent and i seem to remember it had orig exhaust. But it was getting up to an indicated 80km/hr which is probably a little optimistic but still pretty nice for a 50.

    Yeah i took a Speedfight for a test ride some time ago. It is a nice machine, but 100cc is kind of a strange capacity here in OZ with not much competition so there isnt much to compare it to. Most people would go for a 125 or 150.

    With the HD200, remember that it is actually a 171cc engine - a bit misleading if you ask me, but anyway it is a good bit of kit. I had a Sportcity 200 and the HD200 was probably a little quicker off the mark but after 50km/hr the Sportcity would cruise happily past.

    I have ridden an Aprilia Scarabeo 250 which was very cool, but completely different to any other scoots with large 16in wheels and real 250 performance it really is a step somewhere between scoots and a bike.
  7. Gilera Runner 180-2-stroke were pretty quick. Good luck finding one
    these days though. HD200 I've had up to 135 on the dial downhill,
    up to 130 in good conditions otherwise. Normal top speed 120ish.
    150's? who knows, there's so many now. Bolwell Euro does 120-125
    as long as you don't cop a nasty headwind.
    TGB 50RX with a pipe was pretty damn quick at the scoota races.
  8. good info Duffman.... thanks!
  9. gilera runner/italjet dragster 180 2t for the win in both modified and stock form.
    also a tuned 50cc runner goes better than a tuned aprillia ditech in my opinion.

    not sure about 4strokes but.
  10. updated original post thanks to input from Allan at Scootersales.com.au

    I test rode a Vespa GTS250ie on the weekend and was very impressed with the power and acceleration. However it seemed bottom heavy and didn't really want to lean. Not to mention the pathetic storage capacity. I guess they must have a option for the storage tray to not be bias towads open face helmet.
  11. Fastest is subjective, is it acceleration or top speed you guys are looking at.
  12. acceleration is probably a better way to put it. Basically from 0-70km/h
  13. Italjet 180

    I have a 180 2 stroke Italjet it eats everything....
  14. The Nexus does over 180kph top speed. Have had it up to 170kph with more in reserve.. :twisted:

    Gilera also make a GP800, yes its a 839cc V-Twin scooter.. Will do 200kph top speed, but at 246kg dry its a bloody heavy scooter.

    Heres a link to it..

    GP800 Review
  15. Hey guys i have a Ludix 50cc that has had an exhaust and variator modifications done to it.. i think its a blast and picks up spedd pretty darn good.. I am wanting to sell this 50 if anyone is interested. asking price is $1,990.00 i know this is cheap and some of you will think whats wrong with it.. but there is nothing wrong with it.. i got it at cost price as i use to work for a peugeot scooter dealer. It only has 300kms so if anyone is interested let me know
  16. i know the aprilia sr50 factory ditech is quick..but watt about the new 2008 version they have gone back to carby? is this gonna hinder what everyone thinks?
    is it still gonna be as quick as the ditech? and the blaster? and the aerox?
    now that there is more of a even playing feild with the sr50being carb..
    i have seen pictures of the factory ditechs draging the factory carbs with all the same mods and it seems the carbs pull away.
  17. I ride the Aprilia 250ie and it is very quick off the line.

    I find that you need to have the throttle ready before you take off as there is a 'gap' before it really responds when trying to accelerate quicky from zero.

    I bet a 2007 Holden Statesman off the line the other week.
    Poor Holden driver, but that's what you get for buying a crap car!

    The Scarabeo is pretty much a motorbike in everything but shape. I test drove the Sportscity at the same time as the Scarabeo and I found the Scarabeo alot more responsive then the Sportscity.
    The Sportscity is also lighter and not as bulky in shape.

    The Scarabeo also loves corners. I've taken it to Healsville via King Lake many times and it is just so much fun.
    I always get surprised looks from Motorbike riders who think I can't do what they do ;)